Speeding train brutally hits truck with heavy cargo, results in complete destruction: Watch video

The viral video shows a speeding train hitting a truck carrying over 23,000 Kg of weight ending in the complete destruction of the truck; read on to find what happened with the train.

Speeding train brutally hits truck with heavy cargo, results in complete destruction: Watch video Image Source- YouTube

When anything crashes with a fast-moving train, the result is complete destruction, even if it is something massive like a truck carrying oversized cargo. Train crash with some small vehicles is a kind of video we easily see on the internet. There are several videos showing a train hitting a motorcycle, a car, and even an autorickshaw. However, this time we have across a video of a train hitting a 22,670 Kg truck and tossing it into the air like a piece of Lego kicked by a kid. The video of the incident showing massive destruction is gaining a lot of attention on the internet and is probably something visually appealing for netizens.

The now-viral video of the heavily loaded semi-truck is of Fabens, Texas. Based on Motor1's report, the accident occurred on October 9. The video shows a truck pulling a trailer loaded with massively sized cargo while trying to cross railway tracks. Later in the video, the truck gets stuck on the track, attempting to move but failing to do so.

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Moreover, there is also a police car behind the truck monitoring the situation. However, everyone fails to get the truck out of the messy situation. Eventually, the truck gets hit by a speeding train.

Watch viral video: Train hits truck on track

A few individuals can be seen waving at the approaching train in the video up top as they try to alert it that there is an obstruction in its path. That obviously didn't do much to stop the train from hitting the trailer. After the accident, the train reportedly derailed but still stayed upright. However, the same can not be said for the truck, as it ended up being completely destroyed in the accident.