Watch Viral Video: Passengers sing ‘Baby Shark’ to comfort crying child on flight

The video of a crying child on a flight being calmed down by the passengers on board is going viral and is receiving lots of love from the netizens.

Watch Viral Video: Passengers sing ‘Baby Shark’ to comfort crying child on flight

When on a flight you must have also come across a crying child on board. This is one of the most common incidents anyone faces during a flight. In a recent event, this common incident occurred on a Flydubai flight going from Dubai to Albania.

However, this common incident became uncommon when a toddler on board began crying and in a joint effort, the passengers on the aircraft started singing the song Baby Shark to calm down the baby.

One of the passengers named Parikshit Balochi got the incident on camera and posted it on social media with the caption “Everyone on the plane passed the vibe check.” Now the adorable video has gone viral on the internet. The video has got more than 44k views.

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In the video, the child can be seen crying, while all the passengers try to console the child by their singing. The passengers can be seen happily singing while clapping rhythmically with bright smiles on their faces.

The video is receiving a lot of love from the netizens for the adorable gesture of the passengers on board. Many of the viewers have shown their love through comments oozing with affection for the little boy and the passengers.

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