What do bracelet lines on your wrist mean?

The lines that horizontally run across your wrist are called bracelet lines.

What do bracelet lines on your wrist mean?
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Mumbai: You must have heard of palm and face reading. But have you ever wondered the lines on your wrist too could signify something.

In the article we will help you know more about the lines on your wrist that are also called bracelet lines.

These lines run horizontally across your wrist just where the palm and the forearm meet.  

According to Metaphysics Knowledge, the more lines a person has, the longer they are expected to live, suggests website sun-gazing.com.

The first line is of great significance. If he line is uninterrupted and defined properly, then a person is expected to enjoy a healthy life. If the line is broken and is not clear, then the person could turn out to be weak.

The number of lines across the wrist define the number of years a person may live.

If a woman has a broken first line, then she may experience gynaecological problems. Men may experience reproductive problems if their first line is interrupted.

The second line measures the amount of wealth a person may have and the third line hints at the fame and power a person can achieve.