`Dharampatni` not about Gandhiji: Harshad Chopra

New Delhi: Popular TV actor Harshad Chopra, who plays the lead role in forthcoming show "Dharampatni", admits that his character, Mohan Galla, has "slight inspiration" from the life of Gandhi, but says it is not based on his life.

"`Dharampatni` is not about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, it`s not about Kasturba Gandhi. It`s about Mohan Galla and Kastur. There is a slight inspiration in the fact that Mohan grows up to be a man who brings about social changes in his country, like Gandhi," Harshad told reporters over phone from Mumbai.

The initial buzz around the Imagine TV show, which will go on air Aug 16, was built by rumours of it being based on Gandhi and Kasturba`s life.

"The problem is that when we say a show is loosely inspired from someone`s life, people always forget the `loosely`. They only remember that it is inspired from somewhere and draw parallels. That`s what`s happening with our show," he lamented.

Harshad, who became popular after featuring in shows like "Left Right Left" and "Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil", says the show is a contemporary representation of Gandhiji`s ideologies.

"The inspiration is Mahatma Gandhi. But he fought against British Raj. Whereas, in our show, we will give out a message for today`s youth, we will deal with different issues...so it is a contemporary, subtle representation of what Gandhi said," said the actor.

Harshad`s character Mohan is a a foreign educated man, who hardly cares about Indian culture until he is sensitised by situations in his own country upon his return. He also meets a girl, Kastur, (played by actress Aasiya Kazi), who is cheerful, optimistic, and grounded in her culture.

The story rings a bell! It takes you back to Shah Rukh Khan-starrer "Swades", but Harshad says the show has no hints from that movie.

"Honestly, when I heard the story, I felt it was like `Swades`. But it is not! The characters are completely different," he said.

All said and done, the 28-year-old is unfazed by comparisons, and totally kicked about this "new challenge".

"There`s a lot that has gone behind this show, and we are very positive about it. I hope it connects with people because it is different. For me, every new show that I take is like a new journey...I don`t like to repeat my roles."

"I try to take distinct roles each time, and that`s what keeps me going. I like the nervousness I experience on taking up challenging roles. If a character makes me think - `What will happen on the sets? What will I do? How can I add to the character?` - that`s what excites me!" he added.