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British politicians are cowards, sexual grooming is taking place everywhere in Britain: Tommy Robinson

Updated: Mar 05, 2015, 12:38 PM IST

Namta Gupta

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon popularly known as Tommy Robinson is the co-founder of English Defence League (EDL), the biggest movement against what it perceives is the radical Islam. EDL is considered ‘far right,’ and ‘racist’ by liberal left of the country but the co-founder Tommy Robinson does not agree with those tags. He wears nationalism on his sleeves even after a brutal assault on him while serving a jail term that left him with bruises all over. The co-founder of EDL left the organization in 2013, fearing that it would be overtaken by radical elements but today he is happy that his ‘doubts’ have been put to rest by the organization that he created with such zeal. Here is an interview with him:

EDL, your brainchild, is considered to be racist. How do you see that?

That is not true. EDL has had wide participation from people from all groups. We only have problem with the Muslim community and their hatred for our culture and us. We want them to integrate well and not have any Shariah courts etc.

What kind of hatred are you speaking of?

The kind of hatred that Imams show for our community like calling White women derogatory names, sexual grooming of young women and hating our way of life. Today there are hundreds of areas where Sharia courts function here and Jewish people are leaving for Israel as they are scared because of the rise of anti-Semitism and that is only because of Muslims. It is a known fact that today terrorism is being funded in Britain by Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

You mentioned sexual grooming of kids. Earlier as well you made a very controversial statement in which you said that police sat on the cases because they were scared of being called ‘racist.’

Yes. That is true. The police are scared and that is one reason why such things (sexual grooming) are happening everywhere. The press, and everyone else calls these grooming gangs as ‘Asian’ but Hindus, Sikhs and others are not part of these grooming gangs. When we analyzed we saw that majority of the people came from the Muslim community and were mostly Pakistanis, Afghans and others. This is unfair to other religious groups but police is scared so no action is taken against these people. British politicians are cowards, they are scared of the violence that Muslim community can perpetuate and hence, they keep quiet. It is all votebank politics.

But if you want to address such a situation, then mainstream voice is necessary. Why don’t you attach yourself with a political group probably like British National Party and UK Independence Party?

British National Party is a racist organization, I cannot be part of that but UKIP is doing well. However, I cannot be part of a political group because of the conditions attached, but this is sure that we will continue to work on the cause.

Are you seeing your future with EDL?

I see EDL doing well and I am certainly open to it.

Do you have any support from the majority because when you were going to address the Oxford Union, protestors did protest against you calling you a racist who must not be allowed to speak at a prestigious gathering?

You see those were all Leftist people, we have been ruled by Left for quite some time now. They hate nationalism, they hate patriotism and everything related to that. I have support from the common working class and the middle class because they are the ones who have to suffer the most and they are also scared of growing radicalization of Muslim community.

How is your equation with Muhammad Ansar?

He is a fraud. He is not part of the solution anyways.

In his column with a newspaper, he mentioned that he was ‘cautiously optimistic’ that he was able to influence your thoughts. What do you say for that?

He had nothing to do with my decision to quit EDL. Extremism among Muslim community is rising and it is a fact that the moderate voices among the community are called apostates.

He also mentioned that while on camera you refused to eat halal, off camera you do indulge in it.

That is a lie. I do not support halal and I do not even eat it as it is very discriminatory. 30 percent of all food is halal and several items do not even mention that these are halal. Important is to know that most part of the halal industry goes to fund terrorism.