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Holi special: Easy tips to protect your skin, hair and post-Holi care

The vibrant colours, spraying everyone with that coloured water has its own satisfaction.

Holi special: Easy tips to protect your skin, hair and post-Holi care

New Delhi: Have you started getting hit by water balloons at the most unexpected, random moments when you're out for a stroll? That's probably a sign that one of the most loved Indian festivals is around the corner!

Holi is almost here and the markets are full of people and shops selling colours, water balloons, water guns, etc., that make us even more desperate for the day to arrive.

The vibrant colours (and for some, even the bhang – secretly mixed in a glass of Thandai – caught you, didn't we?), spraying everyone with that coloured water has its own satisfaction.

But, the next day you see yourself toiling away in the bath, scrubbing away to get rid of all the colour that seems to have embedded itself into your skin, but in vain and some find themselves with allergic symptoms caused by the chemicals in the colours.

One can never really get over the horror of walking around looking like a walking and talking rainbow for the next few days, while the colour takes its own sweet time to fade.

However, there are ways to prepare yourself before you step out of the house on the day of the festival.

  • Make sure that you apply a good sunscreen or moisturizer before or after you play with colours.
  • Use vaseline, olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil on your face and body.
  • Oil your hair with coconut, olive or castor oil. Doing so will protect your hair from damage by harmful chemicals. It will also make it easier to remove while washing off colours.
  • You can also cover your head with a thick scarf to protect your hair from being soaked in colour.
  • Protect your lips by using a good lip gloss/lip balm.
  • Paint your nail- both in fingers and toes with transparent nail polish (preferably red or pink colours) to protect your nails from harsh effects of colours.
  • If you are prone to rashes or allergies, consult a dermatologist whether you need to take preventive measures for your skin.
  • Before stepping out to play with colours, you should use a toner to close your skin pores and to reduce the chances of damage to your skin.
  • You can protect your skin by wearing long sleeves and full-length bottoms.
  • Never sit in sunlight after playing with colours as it will make difficult to remove as well as harm your skin.
  • Try using natural colours such as henna, turmeric, marigold flowers, tomatoes and tea leaves for a safe and skin-friendly Holi.

While people make the most of the festival by playing with colours and water, it can often cause damage to your skin and hair, by making them dull and dry.

However, there are certainly some useful tips to help you get rid of those colours from your hair, face, and body.

For your skin:

  • After playing with the colours, remember not to use harsh soaps to get rid of colours from your skin. Do not wash your face with soap immediately, because soap is alkaline and causes further dryness. Instead, use a cleansing cream or lotion which soothes the skin while cleansing.
  • Massage on the skin and then wipe off with moist cotton wool. If you have sensitive skin, opt for essential oils like tea tree oil for oily/acne prone skin for treatment, lavender oil to treat cuts/ rashes on your face and body.
  • To get rid of colours and chemicals on your skin, use coconut oil. It is gentle and hydrating and one of the best alternatives to make-up remover as well. Do not worry if your skin is as it is oily, coconut oil is useful for cleansing on all skin types. Make sure to rinse off coconut oil from your face, body with cold water or mild body wash. For your hair, use coconut oil to cleanse your scalp and hair, and wash off with your regular shampoo and condition.
  • Sesame seed oil can also be used to remove colours by massaging it on face and body. This not only helps to remove the colours, but gives added protection to the skin.

For your hair:

  • Add the juice of a lemon to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse. This helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. Beer can also be used as a last rinse to soften and condition the hair. This is post hair and scalp treatment, remember to apply these once you have gotten ridden of colours and chemicals.
  • You can also apply a hair pack made of fenugreek seeds, amla powder, boiled shikakai powder and water.
  • Apply on hair and wash after an hour. This helps to restore nourishment, make sure to apply 1-2 days post the celebration to ensure your scalp is clean from chemicals.

Make sure that you stock up on coconut oil, sesame seed oil, and lemon for post-Holi skincare regime so that you do not suffer from any after-effects like skin allergies or irritation after the celebration.