Speech Therapy Clinic in Sydney

 Speech therapy Sydney does not only help children speak clearly, but we also have expertise in all aspects of communication.

Speech Therapy Clinic in Sydney

Speech therapy is about teaching your child how to communicate. Our holistic approach is evidence-based, and we tailor our treatment to you, your family, and your circumstances. All types of communication and feeding problems can be managed by a paediatric speech pathologist in Sydney. These include, but are not limited to, stuttering and speech sounds, social skills reading and spelling, and receptive language. Speech therapy Sydney does not only help children speak clearly, but we also have expertise in all aspects of communication.

Although it might seem overwhelming, a Speech Pathologist can evaluate and treat all of these conditions. What does this even mean? Let's explore some of their primary focus areas:


Speech, also known as "articulation and Phonology", refers to how your child pronounces their sounds. This is vital for your child's development because they can quickly become frustrated if they don't understand. For example, if your child is lispy, they may refer to the word "sun", as "thun". Your child should communicate with people outside the family by the time they turn three years old. Speech difficulties can be detected earlier than three years of age. If your child is younger than one year old and isn't babbling too much, this could indicate that speech difficulties are present. If your child is less than one year old and does not have many sounds, they may be two years old.

Receptive language

Receptive language, also known as language comprehension, refers to understanding spoken or written messages. Receptive language disorders can cause a child to have trouble following instructions, may not understand their homework or seem to daydream about copying what others are doing.

Expressive language

The expression refers to your ability to communicate through spoken or written language. An expressive language disorder can cause a child to have trouble communicating their thoughts and ideas. They might use non-specific language such as "thingy" or "stuff" or write short or incomplete sentences.


A paediatric Speech Pathologist will be able to identify children at high risk of spelling and reading difficulties starting in preschool. Literacy difficulties can cause a child to be unable to read or write, have difficulty remembering letters and words, or may make it difficult to spell words.

What can speech and language therapists do in Sydney?

After gathering information and performing assessments on a child, speech and speech therapists will talk with parents and carers about their child's language and speech problems and create a plan to help them. The report will include advice for parents, early years staff, and school personnel on how to best support each child and what parents can do to further aid their speech and language development. 

Language and speech therapists can work in many settings, including children's centers, health centres, preschools, Seaside View Child Development Centre, and mainstream schools. The way services are delivered may vary depending on the needs and age of the child.

Speech pathologists employ a mix of formal and informal assessment tools to find difficulties and then use evidence-based treatments to correct them. They will work with you and your child to achieve your goals.

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