A woman is known by the feet she keeps?

Pretty faces, precious jewellery and expensive saris but shabby footwear and dirty cracked feet are a common sight in an Indian gathering. With changing lifestyles and the influence of media and Western culture, the scene is however changing. Well-cared for, shapely feet can turn anybody on whereas dirty feet do otherwise. It`s time we started looking after our feet.

Feet are important parts of our body as they keep us upright and on the move. Ever since we adopted an upright posture, feet have been subjected to more stress and strain. Still, they remain neglected and badly treated. Lack of care not only results in unhealthy and painful feet; it can make us incapacitated too. For comfort, good health and beautiful feet, it is essential to keep them in good shape.

Well-groomed and well-shaped feet are an asset. Women in the West have always been more critical about their legs and feet. They have given feet as much importance as their face or figure. However, we in India, still continue to neglect them and only bother about them when they`re hurt. Why this apathy and lack of concern for our feet?

Neglect causes most foot problems

Most foot problems result from sheer neglect and lack of care, the use of improper and ill-fitting footwear and excessive sweating, exposure to detergents and chemicals and lack of hygiene. Common foot problems are sore feet, athlete`s foot, ingrown toenails, calluses and corns. Regular care and precaution will go a long way in preventing these problems and acquiring pretty feet.
A daily foot care routine should include washing feet with mild soap and lukewarm water, preferably at the end of the day. Scrub with pumice stone to remove dead skin. Applying foot moisturiser also helps. Use foot powder in between toes if you sweat too much.

There`s nothing like fresh water for feet

Use clean socks daily, preferably cotton or woollen of the right size. Footwear should also be comfortable fitting, soft, padded, comfortably heeled and preferably of leather or canvas to allow feet to breathe. Avoid keeping feet in water, soap or detergents for long hours. Wash feet liberally with clean water on exposure to any chemicals, insecticides or pesticides.

The weekly care or pedicure should consist of soaking feet in lukewarm soap water for five to 10 minutes. Scrub with pumice stone or soft scrubber to remove dead skin. Rinse in clean water and massage with foot cream or moisturiser.

Once a week, a pedicure is a must

Remove dead skin and dirt along the nail folds and push back cuticles with the help of a cotton bud. Be careful while using sharp instruments. Trim nails straight and file them. Remove all old nail enamel. Wipe feet dry with the help of a clean, soft towel. Apply nail enamel of your choice on clean nails.

Once a fortnight you should take a professional pedicure with a good massage of feet at all the pressure points. It enhances blood circulation and removes fatigue. Do not neglect any foot problem. Consult your dermatologist without delay and take proper treatment. Take care of your feet and they will take you far. Let your guideline be - the beauty of a woman is known by the feet she keeps!

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