CSE disproves CSIR findings on CNG vehicles

New Delhi: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on Monday refuted the recent study by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

The green body claimed that CSIR has misinterpreted the findings of the study which states that CNG buses are more harmful than diesel buses.

“CSIR has claimed that CNG buses emit more ultrafine particles than diesel buses and are a health hazard. When CSE obtained the draft findings of their study, it shows that the conventional CNG buses have already achieved emissions levels for all pollutants including ultrafine particle number very close or better than Euro VI emissions standards that are yet to be implemented, “CSE said.

In a recent study, jointly carried by the IIIP-Dehradun and the University of Alberta, CSIR has claimed that CNG-run buses are harmful for humans as they emit “nanocarbon” particles which can cause cancer.

CSE said that based on its own finding, CSIR should advise the government to leapfrog to Euro VI emissions standards including the standards for particle count and not undercut the CNG programme.

CSE claimed that the actual findings that are yet to be released show how the same findings give an entirely a different message.

It said that without a proper review of the actual findings of the study, misleading conclusions have been projected in the public domain to confuse policymakers and people.

The green body also said that diesel technology and fuels need the most drastic transformation in Indian transport sector today to protect public health.

CSE disproves CSIR findings on CNG vehicles
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