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Dayashankar Mishra

Digital Editor, author of digital series Dear Zindagi, a move against depression and suicide

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Divyanshi Sharma

Born Bibliophile. Lover of creative writing and a firm believer of 'What you seek is seeking you'. 

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Vipin Rana

Vipin Rana is a rehab trainer who has spent over a decade in the fitness industry. He is an expert on nutrition, fat loss, posture correction, and injury and pain management. He has been certified in metabolic training by the American Council on Exercise. He also works as a presenter on fitness education.

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Prashant Agarwal

Prashant Agarwal is a business analyst. He writes on finance, social entrepreneurship, education and health-related initiatives.  

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Taha Siddiqui

Taha Siddiqui is WION's Pakistan Bureau Chief, and looks after news and current affairs in the Afghanistan, Pakistan region. He has reported for leading international news organisations including the New York Times, the Guardian and France24.

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Priyarag Verma

Priyarag Verma has been following the twists and turns of Indian politics closely for almost two decades now as part of the professional obligation. He has reported on 1999, 2004, 2009 and 2014 Lok Sabha elections apart from several state elections including that of Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand and Gujarat. He follows sports very closely and has a special liking for cricket, football, Formula One, hockey, tennis and athletics.

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Prasad Sanyal

Prasad Sanyal is the Digital Group Editor. A news veteran, he Started with TV, went digital after a decade. He is seldom found outside digital newsrooms.

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Sahil Bakshi

A new-aged sports writer/online journalist with technical flair in writing with specialization in football and cricket. Live coverage and analysis are some of my strength areas.

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Raghav Jaitly

A ridiculously hopeless Bollywood lover- Raghav Jaitly is popular for his out-of-place PJs and clichéd sense of humour. RJ claims that fine dining at foreign locations tops his hobby list. However, you can always find him negotiating with street food vendors for free golgappas.

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Sumit Channa

Sumit Channa is focused professional and a part of the health desk having inclination towards sports, health and a bit of national politics. Besides this, he is a foodie who loves to cook and eat authentic Kashmiri cuisine.

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Ankita Bhandari

Ankita Bhandari is a focused professional, loves everything about news. Her other passions are watching cricket and playing volleyball and table tennis.

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Ayushi Kakkar

Ayushi Kakkar is a young, vibrant soul. She believes in living a zestful life where thoughts know no barrier. The chirpy, young writer believes in exploring unseen places and is a complete Bollywood freak!

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Sanjeeb Baruah

Sanjeeb Baruah: Geopolitics, environment and wildlife are his favourite subjects. He clearly remembers his early years in the profession when he chased politicians, officials and subject experts for stories. He hopes his articles, both news and feature stories, will continue to interest as well as fascinate the readers.​

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Archana Khatri Das

With over ten years of experience in journalism, she is passionate about business writing and developing consumer-centric content.

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Udita Madan

Udita Madan is an avid reader and harbours a passion to write. A part of the Health and Science desk, she is a certified Reiki healer, likes to learn new things and keep track of the latest happenings around the world. She's also a foodie and loves to bake.

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Ritesh K Srivastava

A bilingual journalist with a deep interest in Indian and international politics and current affairs. Impressed with the power of social media, loves to explore what may possibly click on internet. A movie buff, avid reader & a traveller in free time!

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Biplob Ghosal

Biplob Ghosal: Being a news enthusiast, he has a keen interest in news related to politics and cricket. He is also a big supporter of armed forces and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

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Reema Sharma

After her graduation in philosophy and masters in mass communication, she waded into the field of journalism. Over the years, business has become her cup of tea. When she isn't analysing the latest financial trends, she either has a song on her lips or is diving into delicious grubs.

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Gayatri Sankar

A proud vegetarian and an animal lover - Gayatri Sankar is a writer by day and a spiritual seeker otherwise. Photography and music add value to her life while travelling enriches her views about people, cultures and traditions. ​

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Rd. Alexander

A journalist with eight years of experience, interested in creating tech content. Loves sports too. A silent observer, mood-driven creature of God.. Just another human..

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Ritika Handoo

Proud Kashmiri. Bollywood buff. Fashion freak - Ritika Handoo adores the world of glamour. She is passionate about her work and feels writing is an art that ignites fire within the soul — something you either have or you simply don’t!

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Ajeet Kumar

Leads the business and technology team at His expertise lies in commodities, agriculture, markets, personal finance and socio-political economy of India. 

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