Link between ISI-Maoists revealed

For the first time a concrete evidence of one to one contact between ISI with Maoists in India has come to the fore.

Dinesh Sharma

New Delhi: For the first time a concrete evidence of one to one contact between Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) with Maoists in India has come to the fore, as per intelligence agencies.

According to latest intelligence report, a copy of which with Zee News, ISI`s plan to use Maoists to hit infrastructure projects and industrial units located in hinterland has been exposed.

The report further reveals that ULFA commander Paresh Barua played a key role in bringing the ISI and the Maoists in direct contact. As reported earlier by Zee News, ULFA has been helping Maoists with supplying weapons through other North East based militant group Kamptapur Liberation Organisation (KLO).

ISI operative Mohammed Aslam who mainly operates from Chittagong and Dhaka has been given the task to stay in touch with the top Maoist leadership in India, according to the secret document.

After making direct contact ISI offered financial support to Maoist which they declined saying they were cash rich and did not require monetary help. Instead Maoist asked ISI specifically for RDX, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and high tech arms and ammunitions, reveals the document. The Maoists also asked Pakistan`s intelligence agency to training their top commanders in using sophisticated weapons.

Central intelligence agencies have alerted the security forces on India-Burma border as Maoists
commanders may cross over to ULFA training camps in Saingong which is close to the Burma-China border. In past too Maoist have crossed over to Nepal and Bangladesh to get arms from the across.

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