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Eight Bangladeshis beheaded in Saudi

Saudi Arabia has "resumed executions at an alarming pace" since the end of August.

Eight Bangladeshis beheaded in Saudi
Riyadh: Eight Bangladeshis have been beheaded
in the Saudi capital after being condemned for robbery and
murder, local media said on Saturday, citing the interior ministry.

The ministry said the men executed yesterday were part of
a group of 11 Bangladeshis who had stolen goods from a
warehouse after tying up its Egyptian guard, who was left
behind to die.

The other three Bangladeshis were sentenced to an
unspecified number of years in jails and a lashing.

The ministry also announced the execution of two Saudis
yesterday, which brought the number of beheadings for a single
day to 10, and the total number in the kingdom to at least 56
this year.

Saudi Arabia has "resumed executions at an alarming pace"
since the end of August, Amnesty International said last
month, adding that around 140 prisoners were believed to be on
death row in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom.

The London-based watchdog said Saudi Arabia was one of a
minority of states that voted against a UN General Assembly
resolution last December calling for a worldwide moratorium on

Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking
are all punishable by death under the oil-rich Gulf state`s
strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law.