Rajasthan Assembly has 46 MLAs with declared criminal cases

The state Assembly also has 158 crorepati winners.

Rajasthan Assembly has 46 MLAs with declared criminal cases

JAIPUR: Rajasthan Assembly has 46 legislators with declared criminal cases, out of which 14 won with a with a vote share of 50% and above, says a recent report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Rajasthan Election Watch (REW).

Thirty-seven out of 46 winners with declared criminal cases have won against runners up with a clean background. Among these, four winners have won with more than 20 % margin of victory with BJP's Kailash Chandra Meghwal winning Shahpura constituency with a margin of 44 %.

Among 199 winners, 23 are women. “None of the women winners has won with less than 30 % of vote share,” shares the report. Among the women winners, Zahida Khan (INC) from Kaman Constituency has won with the highest vote share of 58%.

The house also has 158 crorepati winners. Thirty out of 158 crorepati winners have won against non-crorepati runners up. Among these, just three winners won with vote margin of more than 20%. 

“There are 26 non-crorepati winners who have won against crorepati runners up. Only one of them has won with more than 20% margin of victory,” states the report

In the Rajasthan Assembly Elections 2018, 86 political parties and independents were in the fray. These included, six national political parties, seven state political parties and 73 registered unrecognized parties. In comparison, during the 2013 Rajasthan State Assembly elections, 56 political parties were in the fray. These included, 6 national political parties, 10 state political parties and 40 registered unrecognized parties. 

“This reflects that there has been 54% increase in the number of political parties that contested in 2018 from 2013,” states the report.

On December 11, the Congress emerged as the single largest party by winning 99 out of 199 seats in Rajasthan. 

Ashok Gehlot was appointed as the Chief Minister and Sachin Pilot as Deputy CM.