Jenson Button says Sebatsian Vettel would have to pay for selfishness

London: McLaren ace Jensen Button has said that he was surprised to see Sebastian Vettel defying Red Bull`s team orders to overtake teammate Mark Webber for the first position in Sunday`s Malaysian Grand Prix, adding the German would have to pay for his selfishness.

Button said he was shocked that the German disobeyed Red Bull principal Christian Horner by overtaking teammate Webber to win last Sunday`s race.

There have been calls for Vettel to be punished for going against Horner`s instructions and costing Webber the win and Button believes the three-time world champion`s selfishness will only return to haunt him later in the season.

Button said they all want to win but Vettel drives for Red Bull and they have to call the shots and so many times it has worked in his favour, adding he thinks that will hurt the three-times F1 champion in the long run and he is surprised he did that.

Button added he finds team orders difficult but to disregard a team order is something different, adding at the start of the race, they knew they had team orders and that is the bigger issue.

The Brit added he is not a fan of giving a driver preferential treatment but the issue here is that Vettel did not want team orders, adding how is he going to give that win back to Webber, he cannot imagine him leading the race and going to the Australia and saying `here you go`.

Button added that is very difficult and he could not do that, adding if you are told to save tyres and your team-mate is behind you and he overtakes you, you are going to get annoyed.