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Triple suicide attack `kills 27 on Lake Chad island`

A triple suicide bombing on an island in Lake Chad on Saturday killed at least 27 people and left more than 80 wounded, a Chadian security source said, in another apparent strike by Boko Haram Islamists despite a regional offensive to stop the insurgency.

Dec 06, 2015, 01:53 AM IST

10 Boko Haram suspects' to face trial in Chad over twin attacks`

Ten suspected Boko Haram members are set to go on trial in Chad over their alleged roles in twin attacks that killed 38 people in the capital N`Djamena in June, a judicial source told AFP.

Aug 18, 2015, 02:02 AM IST

Chad reintroduces death penalty with anti-terror law

Chad reintroduced the death penalty just six months after its abolition Thursday, as legislators passed a stringent anti-terror bill in the face of a spate of deadly Boko Haram attacks.

Jul 31, 2015, 10:41 AM IST

At least 19 Boko Haram insurgents killed in Chad: Source

At least 19 Boko Haram fighters and two Chadian soldiers were killed in combat on Friday after the insurgents attacked a Chadian village on the banks of Lake Chad, a military source said.

Jul 18, 2015, 06:33 AM IST

Boko Haram claims Chad, Nigeria attacks: SITE

Boko Haram on Saturday claimed responsibility for attacks in Chad`s capital N`Djamena and the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the SITE Intelligence Group said.

Jul 12, 2015, 05:57 AM IST

Boko Haram claims June suicide bombings in Chad capital

Boko Haram have claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings in Chad`s capital N`Djamena that left 38 people dead, the SITE Intelligence Group reported Wednesday.

Jul 09, 2015, 03:41 AM IST

Chad nabs 60 suspected militants after twin suicide bombings

Chad has reportedly nabbed 60 suspected militants and busted a terror cell involved in the twin suicide bombings that took place in the African nation`s capital, N`Djamena, the chief prosecutor of the central African nation said.

Jun 29, 2015, 16:38 PM IST

11 killed in raid against Boko Haram in Chad capital: Police

Eleven people died early Monday when Chadian police launched a raid against Boko Haram jihadist militants in a district of the capital N`Djamena, police said.

Jun 29, 2015, 16:37 PM IST

Chad`s ban on Islamic veil after attacks divides Muslims

Chad`s decision to ban women from wearing the Islamic veil, which came two days after bloody suicide bombings hit the capital, has divided Muslims but the government defends it as part of an anti-terror strategy.

Jun 21, 2015, 07:50 AM IST

Suspected Boko Haram suicide bombers kill 27 in Chad capital

 Islamist suicide bombers killed at least 27 people in the Chadian capital N`Djamena on Monday in what appeared to be retaliation by Nigerian militant group Boko Haram for Chad`s leading role in a regional offensive against it. 

Jun 16, 2015, 01:36 AM IST

Chad blames Boko Haram for deadly suicide attacks

 The government of Chad accused Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram of carrying out a double suicide attack against police in the capital on Monday, killing 23 people.

Jun 15, 2015, 20:47 PM IST

Chad extends offensive against Boko Haram

Chad`s parliament on Wednesday voted to stay engaged in a regional offensive that it joined earlier this year against Boko Haram Islamists.

May 20, 2015, 23:27 PM IST

Fleeing Boko Haram kill seven in attack on village in Chad

Fighters from Nigeria`s Boko Haram insurgency fleeing an offensive by soldiers from Chad and Niger launched a rare attack on Chadian soil, killing seven people, security sources said on Friday.

Apr 04, 2015, 07:00 AM IST

Boko Haram `kills 9 Chadian troops, one Niger soldier` in ambush

Nine Chadian troops and one Niger soldier were killed after being ambushed by Boko Haram fighters in northeastern Nigeria, army spokesmen said Thursday.

Apr 03, 2015, 07:57 AM IST

Ex-Chad leader`s security chiefs jailed for life

Seven of former Chadian leader Hissene Habre`s security chiefs were jailed for life Wednesday for torture and murder by a special court in the capital N`Djamena.

Mar 25, 2015, 22:32 PM IST

Boko Haram takes on Chadian forces in Nigeria town

Boko Haram on Wednesday launched a pre-dawn raid in Gamboru, northeastern Nigeria, looking to overwhelm Chadian troops who had pushed them out of the border town.

Feb 12, 2015, 00:34 AM IST

Thousands see off Chadian troops to fight Boko Haram

Tens of thousands of people joined a march in N`Djamena on Saturday in support of Chadian troops heading to Nigeria and Cameroon to fight the Islamist group Boko Haram.

Jan 18, 2015, 03:22 AM IST

Boko Haram casts shadow over Chad`s economy

Though Chad has so far been spared from an attack by Boko Haram, the fact the Islamist militants are so close and so dangerous has been bad for business in this landlocked country.

Nov 07, 2014, 10:51 AM IST

Ten Chadians killed in southern Libya: Ministry

Ten Chadian nationals have been gunned down in southern Libya by attackers in military uniform, the Chadian foreign ministry said Thursday.

May 30, 2014, 03:08 AM IST

Central African Republic interim president resigns

Michel Djotodia, the rebel-turned-president of the Central African Republic who has resigned after letting his country slide into chaos and bloodshed, was swept to power as the previous regime crumbled.

Jan 10, 2014, 18:17 PM IST