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Full list of Mizoram MLAs

Check the full list of MLAs in Mizoram.

Full list of Mizoram MLAs

Fight for power in the 40 member assembly will be between Congress and Mizo National Front (MNF)

If the exit polls are to believed, Mizoram may have a hung 40-member Assembly.

The Congress is hoping to blunt the challenge put up by Mizo National Front even as the BJP tries to create in-roads in the state. While Congress and MNF candidates contested in all 40 constituencies, BJP fought in 39.

Following is the full list of current MLAs according to their corresponding party and constituency.

Serial No. Constituency Sitting MLAs Party
1 Hachhek (ST) Lalrinmawia Ralte INC
2 Dampa (ST) Lalrobiaka INC
3 Mamit (ST) John Rotluangliana INC
4 Tuirial (ST) Hmingdailova Khiangte INC
5 Kolasib (ST) P.C. Zoramsangliana INC
6 Serlui (ST) K. Lalrinthanga INC
7 Tuivawl (ST) R.L.Pianmawia INC
8 Chalfilh (ST) Dr H.Ngurdingliana INC
9 Tawi (ST) R.Lalzirliana INC
10 Aizawl North-I (ST) R.Romawia INC
11 Aizawl North-II (ST) Lalthanliana MPC
12 Aizawl North-III (ST) Lal Thanzara INC
13 Aizawl East-I R.Lalrinawma INC
14 Aizawl East II (ST) Lalsawta INC
15 Aizawl West-I (ST) K.Sangthuama MNF
16 Aizawl West-II (ST) Lalruatkima MNF
17 Aizawl West-III (ST) Vanlalzawma MNF
18 Aizawl South-I (ST) R.Vanlalvena INC
19 Aizawl South-II (ST) Lt Col. Zosangzuala INC
20 Aizawl South-III (ST) K.S.Thanga INC
21 Lengteng (ST) H.Rohluna INC
22 Tuichang (ST) Lalrinliana Sailo INC
23 Champhai North (ST) T.T.Zothansanga INC
24 Champhai South (ST) J.H.Rothuama INC
25 East Tuipui (ST) T.Sangkunga INC
26 Serchhip (ST) Lal Thanhawla INC
27 Tuikum (ST) Er.Lalrinawma MNF
28 Hrangturzo (ST) Vanlalawmpuii Chawngthu INC
29 South Tuipui (ST) John Siamkhuma INC
30 Lunglei North (ST) Pc Lalthanliana INC
31 Lunglei East (ST) Joseph Lalhimpuia INC
32 Lunglei West (ST) Chalrosanga INC
33 Lunglei South (ST) S. Laldingliana INC
34 Thorang (ST) Zodintluanga INC
35 West Tuipui (ST) Nihar Kanti Chakma INC
36 Tuichawng (ST) Buddha Dhan Chakma INC
37 Lawngtlai West (ST) C.Ngunlianchunga INC
38 Lawngtlai East (ST) H. Zothangliana INC
39 Saiha (ST) Dr. K. Beichhua MNF
40 Palak (ST) Hiphei INC

The EC said that polling was completely peaceful and barring sporadic incidents of VVPAT machines malfunctioning, there was no impediment. Interestingly, Deputy Additional Chief Electoral Officer CC Lalchhuangkina said that 25% of the 7.68 lakh voters here had already cast their vote by 10 am.

The counting of votes in Mizoram is scheduled for Tuesday.