Pawan Singh's 'Lulia' aka Nidhi Jha in 'Hai Ishq Qubool'—Watch video

Nidhi got famous for 'Lulia' song and now is being referred to as one. 

Pawan Singh's 'Lulia' aka Nidhi Jha in 'Hai Ishq Qubool'—Watch video
Pic Courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Bhojpuri power star Pawan Singh has featured in a number of hit films. He has also worked with a lot of A-lister heroines, delivering power pack performances at the Box Office. Bhojpuri actress Nidhi Jha appeared in a song 'Lulia' with Pawan Singh in the film 'Satya' and it became a rage.

Nidhi got famous for 'Lulia' and now is being referred to as one. So, Pawan Singh' 'Lulia' aka Nidhi Jha has got her kitty full with a new film titled 'Hai Ishq Qubool' and the filming as begun in Bihar.

Lehren Bhojpuri channel uploaded a video on YouTube where fresh stills from Nidhi's look for 'Hai Ishq Qubool' can be seen. It was published on the site on September 10, 2018, and has garnered around 11,449 views so far.

Watch it here:

The actress will be seen in a desi look and play a traditional avatar. Her fan base will be excited to see her in this new role.

Nidhi Jha was last seen in 'Gangster Dulhaniya' which released in 50 theatres across Jharkhand on August 3. This is the first time the actress will be seen performing stunts on the big screen.

The film also features Sanjay Pandey, Glory Mohanta, Kanhaya Lal, Rajkumar, Madhu Rai, Koshik Mishra Jyotirmay Mishra, Anuj Prasad, Monica Yadav, Khurshid Alam, Vedhika Singh, Balvinder Singh, Neeraj Rajput, Raju Mitra, Roshan Khan, Aditya, Abhishek Singh and Mayank Lohra in pivotal parts.