Airline companies could soon be penalised for misbehaving, poor services

Recent reports of passengers complaining about airline services is believed have given rise to a need for stricter punishment for companies.

Airline companies could soon be penalised for misbehaving, poor services
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In a possible move that could ensure airline companies provide nothing short of exemplary services to passengers in the country, the central government is reportedly planning to allow DGCA to levy heavy fines on those found 'guilty'.

According to a Zee Business report quoting sources, the new rules would be notified soon, empowering DGCA to impose heavy fines on airline companies found guilty of misbehaving with passengers, providing poor services and for violating set norms. It is believed that service quality could see a major improvement - adding to the flying experience of passengers - if the threat of a heavy fine looms on the horizon.

At present, the DGCA can even go to the extent of suspending a license even if it has so far not taken that route against airline companies. With increasing reports of misconduct with passengers - the case of an IndiGo passenger being manhandled on the tarmac gathering a lot of attention, the government reportedly feels that the threat of a heavy penalty could act as a deterrent. The exact amount has not yet been fixed but could be the tune of Rs 5 lakh for the first proven violation, increasing with every subsequent proven incident.

Airports too could be taken to task on similar lines, it is reported.