Ben Affleck may not run for US senate

Washington: Ben Affleck, whose name cropped up as a possible contender to fill the seat to be vacated by Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s appointment as secretary of state, may not be running for office after all.

In an interview, Affleck used some harsh words for the American political system, including “toxic,” “poisonous” and “inappropriate” (laced with expletives before them).

“I have gotten myself involved with politics, actually fairly in a pretty deep way, only to find that it really just took the wind out of my sails,” ABC News quoted him as telling GQ magazine.

“You know, it was much more interesting from the outside than from the inside,” he said.

When Affleck was asked if he ever had serious considerations about running for office? He replied by saying, “I have never had a serious conversation. Not really.”

“I could tell you but then I can’t say what it is,” he said.