Clooney, Russell bury the hatchet

Los Angeles: George Clooney and moviemaker David O. Russell have ended their decade-long feud following a chance meeting at a recent industry party.

The pair fell out on the set of 1999 war movie ‘Three Kings’ and the spat became one of Hollywood`s most well-known, but Clooney and the director have now set aside their differences, reports a website.

"I saw David a few weeks ago at a party... and I felt compelled to go over and go, `So, are we done?` And he goes, `Please`. And I said, `OK`," the actor has told a website.

"We made a really, really great film and we had a really tough time together, but it`s a case of us both getting older. I really do appreciate the work he continues to do, and I think he appreciates what I`m trying to do," added the Oscar winning actor.