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Peter Jackson gives fans sneak peek into next Hobbit movie

New Delhi: Director Peter Jackson connected to his numerous fans via a live session to host the first look of `The Desolation of Smaug`, the second movie in the Hobbit franchise, releasing this December.

Sitting barefoot, Jackson gave a glimpse to his fans about what to expect from the second part as he introduced several behind-the-scenes sequences and characters. Actors like Steven Fry and Orlando Bloom dropped in to say `hello` to the fans during the hour-long live chat last night.

Bloom said returning to the film was great as the middle earth and its characters felt like an extended family.

Asked about the challenges of making the middle film of a trilogy, Jackson admitted that it was difficult to make the middle movie.

"It is complicated," said Jackson. But the director said the second part gave him a chance to split into multiple timelines and follow more characters. This is how he could reintroduce Legolas, played by Bloom.

He also let on that the confrontation between Bilbo and Smaug will be iconic and something to look forward to for Hobbit fans. The director, however, stopped short of revealing how the dragon would look like.

The films are based on the books of JRR Tolkien and prequel to his previous successful franchise `The Lord of the Rings`.

The event was accessible to the fans who bought `The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey` DVD, releasing on April 8. They could also ask questions to the director during the session.

Jackson showcased a sequence where Gandalf is searching tombs for a missing mystical blade. Elvish king Thrandall, who had a cameo in the first part, will have a larger role in the second movie. It will also see the return of Legolas (Bloom) from `Lord of the Rings` series.

When asked by a fan to describe Bloom and his character, Jackson said, "He`s much more relaxed and a really fun guy whereas Legolas is more uptight."
In the follow up to the first film, `The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey`, Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman continues his quest to defeat the dragon, Smaug, by stealing back the treasure and home of the dwarves. As usual, wizard Gandalf (Ian McKellen) accompanies him to the Middle-earth.

Their mission will continue into the final movie of Hobbit trilogy `There and Back Again`, releasing next year.