Healthy diet

High Vitamin A intake can lower skin cancer risk

Skin cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, is hard to prevent, but this study suggests that eating a healthy diet rich in Vitamin A, in addition to wearing sunscreen and reducing sun exposure, may be a way to reduce the risk.

Aug 01, 2019, 15:13 PM IST

Pasta not to blame for obesity: Study

Eating pasta may not contribute to obesity if consumed as a part of a healthy diet, a study has found.

Apr 04, 2018, 11:01 AM IST

Ovarian cancer: These signs and symptoms should not be ignored

Ovarian cancer is one the most common form of cancers found among women across the globe.

Apr 03, 2018, 16:28 PM IST

Healthy diet may not prevent effects of high salt intake

People need to monitor their salt intake, and food manufacturers should lower the salt content in their products, the scientists recommended.

Mar 06, 2018, 18:07 PM IST

Fitness post on social media may impact others too

When people post photos of their fitness pursuits on social media they may be influencing, for better or worse, the health of their pals too, a new study suggests.

Feb 26, 2018, 00:07 AM IST

Unable to stick to a healthy diet? Sleep for an extra hour every day

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, looked at the impact of increasing sleep hours on nutrient intake.

Jan 11, 2018, 18:03 PM IST

Eating tomatoes, apples may restore lung damage in smokers

This study shows that diet might help repair lung damage in people who have stopped smoking.

Dec 21, 2017, 19:35 PM IST

Healthy diet may boost kids' self-esteem

Moreover, fish intake 2-3 times per week was also associated with better self-esteem and no emotional and peer problems. Intake of whole meal products was also associated with no peer problems.

Dec 14, 2017, 19:57 PM IST

Cooking food the right way can help you get rid of 'strict diets' – Check out these hacks!

The cooking process determines how much nutrition is retained in the items while being cooked.

Sep 17, 2017, 11:58 AM IST

Exercise, healthy diet lowers risk of colon cancer recurrence

Colon cancer patients who reported a healthy body weight, engaged in regular physical activity, and ate a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables and fruits that was low in red and processed meats, had a lower risk of cancer recurrence and death.

May 22, 2017, 11:12 AM IST

Follow a regular exercise regimen, good diet to ward off osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis disproportionately affects post-menopausal women who are more pre-disposed to the condition because of biology, genetics and hormones. 

May 13, 2017, 22:22 PM IST

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed in just four months, say researchers

As it progresses, individuals with type 2 diabetes often need to use a healthy diet, exercise and an increasingly complex combination of medications to manage the condition.

Mar 20, 2017, 13:30 PM IST

Five superfoods every new mother should eat post pregnancy!

Eating the right food is very important for new moms as it will provide them the essential nutrients without compromising on their health.

Feb 14, 2017, 23:23 PM IST

Five simple ways to prevent joint pain!

 Joint pain is considered the most common health problem faced during winter season. 

Jan 29, 2017, 00:11 AM IST

How healthy is your diet? This new urine test can reveal the truth

As per a new study, the five-minute urine test can track a person's diet by showing how much fat, sugar, fibre and protein a person has eaten.

Jan 17, 2017, 15:33 PM IST

Older adults can live longer by consuming mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet also includes beans and cereal grains such as wheat and rice, moderate amounts of fish, dairy and wine and limited red meat and poultry.

Jan 06, 2017, 13:32 PM IST

Radish: All you need to know about its nutritional values and health benefits

Radish - It is a beloved part of our salad, has a pungent taste and has got lots of juices. They can be white, red, purple or black and are consumed raw as well as cooked.  

Jan 03, 2017, 01:53 AM IST

Consume these superfoods for healthy 2017

Watermelon seeds are packed with protein, vitamin B, Â­magnesium and Â­monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Sprinkle them on your salad for an added crunch.

Jan 01, 2017, 23:18 PM IST

Here's why a healthy diet may not always work

Certain human gut bacteria need to be lost for a diet plan to be successful, said the study that identified the organisms that help promote the effects of a particular diet.

Dec 30, 2016, 20:18 PM IST

Can we survive on fruit diet? Chef Ranveer Brar has an answer

Ranveer Brar was present in Mumbai on Tuesday at the launch of Belgian Conference Pears brought to the Indian market by IG International in association with BelOrta.

Nov 10, 2016, 11:58 AM IST