Bar Refaeli goes make-up free

London: Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli often has to pile on the cosmetics for her work. So, whenever she`s got some free time, she goes bare-faced so her skin can breathe.

"I really work hard at keeping my skin clean. Because of what I do, I go make-up free as often as possible to let my skin breathe. The first thing I do after a photo shoot is take my make-up off, before cleansing and moisturising. I tend to use natural products as much as possible," quoted Refaeli as saying.

She also revealed how she`s pleased she`s never plucked her eyebrows because they have helped her stand out from the crowd.

"People told me never to pluck my eyebrows and I`m so glad I listened. It`s tempting to make that mistake when you`re younger but a big part of what I like about my face are my messy brows. Sometimes I make them look fuller with a bit of grey powder," said Bar.