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Recipe: Achari Paneer Tikka Calzone

Recipe: Achari Paneer Tikka Calzone
Pic Courtesy: The Surya


Pizza dough--200 gm
Achari paneer tikka--200gm
Mozzarella cheese--100 gm
Olive oil--50 ml


Divide the paneer tikka mixture evenly between the four pizza bases and spread it out nicely. Top with pieces of mozzarella and season with salt and pepper. 

To make your calzone, carefully lift the far edge of the pizza dough and pull it over the top towards you – you basically need to fold it in half (imagine it looking like a big Cornish pasty!). Crimp the edges so none of the filling can spill out. 

Place the calzone side by side on a floured baking tray (use two if you need to), pizza stone or granite slab.

Cook for 10 to 15 minutes on the bottom of the preheated oven until the dough is puffed up and golden on top and the filling is hot. 

(The recipe has been shared by The Surya)