`Men In Black 3` to be `most action-packed movie yet`

Washington: `Men In Black 3` will have “more action, aliens and magic” as compared to the previous two films in the franchise, the movie’s director Barry Sonnenfeld has revealed.

Sonnenfeld believes the latest addition to the sci-fi comedy series has “``something new and inventive``” in the shape of a time travel element that sees Agent J (Will Smith) go back in time to the 1960s to stop an alien from assassinating Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).

He was also asked what the chemistry between Will and Josh Brolin, who plays a younger version of Agent K, was like.

“``The relationships are incredibly strong. From Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, between Will Smith and Josh Brolin. And I think we also have more action than in ‘Men In Black 3’ than in ‘Men In Black’ and ‘Men In Black 2.’ Also, more aliens and more magic,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“The audiences will be amused, amazed and also moved. I think if we can do all of those three things then we’ll have a really successful movie. With ‘Men In Black 3,’ it’s not only a ‘Men In Black’ movie, it’s also a time travel movie.

“``We wanted the movie to be both familiar and different. We wanted to bring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones back together again. But we also wanted something new and inventive, and that came in the time travel element,” he added.