007 nearly drowned me, says ex- bond girl Lana Wood

London: Former Bond girl Lana Wood has revealed that she almost died while filming an underwater scene in `Diamonds Are Forever`.

The 67-year-old actress, who had an affair with Sean Connery during the making of the movie, said that she had to be rescued by divers during a scene when her character Plenty O`Toole was drowned in a swimming pool, the Daily Express reported.

Wood said that in the film she was supposed to die by having her ankles tied to a block of cement and she actually did that.

She said that the longer she stayed in, the block of cement kept moving, and pretty soon she couldn`t reach up for the rope to pull her nose and mouth free to breathe, so the divers had to dive in and cut her free really fast.

Wood, who is a certified scuba diver, said that she asked for her scuba tank with which she was comfortable doing the stunt.