Pixie Lott writes songs when she is sad

London: Singer Pixie Lott finds it easier to write songs when she is upset or angry.

The 20-year-old said she pens a new track when she is not in a good mood as she finds inspiration from bad times, reported Contactmusic.

"It helps to be in a sad mood. Say you`ve had an argument with a friend, your mum, your boyfriend... It makes you want to write it down.

"I can get angry. I get annoyed when people are selfish, and I get really annoyed when people use Twitter and Facebook to show off about themselves. But any emotion helps you write; you could be really excited about going out with your friends too," Lott said.

The singer has named her new album `Young Foolish Happy` and said the title was partly inspired by one of her favourite songs.

"I really like the message that anyone can be young, foolish and happy. You can have youthfulness whatever your age, you don`t need to get old and miserable.

"It`s also a song I grew up listening to by soul band The Tams. I do a cover of it at my gigs. This album is definitely more influenced by soul."