Language no barrier in expressing human emotions: Vedhika

Chennai: Vedhika Kumar has worked in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil films and says she would love to explore opportunities in other industries as well because language is not a hurdle for her.

"I have been lucky to have worked in Tamil, Telugu as well as Kannada films. Kannada is my mother tongue and I also speak Tamil and Telugu. Also, I am fluent in Marathi, Hindi and English," Vedhika told IANS.

"I think nowadays cinema is going beyond borders. It`s wonderful that language, borders, race and culture are no more a barrier when it comes to cinema.

"Language is never a barrier when it comes to expressing human emotions... they are universal. Of course, I would love to explore other industries provided I am offered an interesting role," she added.

The actress, who rose to fame with the success of Tamil films "Madrasi", "Muni" and "Sakkarakatti", feels she was destined to do every role she has portrayed so far.

"I think the roles choose us and not vice versa. I was destined to get the roles I`ve portrayed," said the actress who is currently working with Adharvaa in Tamil director Bala`s "Paradesi", which is her favourite project.

What is the most important skill for an actor?

"The most important skill for an actress is to be able to realise the opportunities coming her way and give her best to each and every project," she said.