No bias in choosing films for awards: Suresh Krissna

Chennai: Veteran southern director Suresh Krissna, who has been on the jury of National Awards selection committee and is also on the jury of the International Film Festival of India, says films are chosen based on healthy discussions and hours of brainstorming without being biased.

"I personally don`t show any bias towards the selection of a film. Typically, all films, irrespective of the language, are watched by the jury with subtitles. After watching the films, we have rigorous discussions and hours of brainstorming before we zero in on a film," Krissna told IANS.

What is the biggest challenge in the selection of films?

"Biggest challenge would be to judge a film based on some standards. There are always different interpretations to a film, and thus coming to a conclusion is a herculean task. I may personally like one film, and someone else may not, and yet coming to consensus is challenging," the 56-year-old added.

If people have different interpretations, then how do you zero in on a film?

"Jury comprises of members from different walks of life such writers, producers, novelists, and thus there`s room for discussion, discourse and dialogue. Had it only been filmmakers, it would`ve been very difficult for us," Krissna added.

Meanwhile, the director, known for movies like ‘Baasha’ and ‘Annamalai’, recently turned writer with a book titled ‘My Days With Baasha’. It encapsulates his experience of working with superstar Rajinikanth.