Rajya Sabha passes Right to Information (Amendment) Bill

The NDA government on Thursday made a spirited effort to get the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019, passed in Lok Sabha.


NEW DELHI: The NDA government on Thursday tabled the controversial Triple Talaq Bill for consideration and passage in the Lok Sabha. The ruling BJP had earlier issued a whip asking its MPs to remain present in the House. Union Minister Ravi Sankar Prasad moved the bill in Lok Sabha. The Triple Talaq Bill criminalises the practice of instant divorce by Muslim men and seeks jail term for the guilty. It may be recalled that this bill was the first draft legislation tabled by the Narendra Modi government in its first session after it came to power in May for the second term.

Several opposition parties, including Congress, SP, TMCand DMK, have strongly opposed the bill, but the BJP-led government at the Centre has repeatedly maintained that the bill must be passed because it is aimed at ensuring gender equality and justice. Congress, Trinamool Congress and DMK have opposed the bill and demanded that the government must send it to a parliamentary committee for scrutiny.
In Rajya Sabha, the government intends to table the RTI (Amendment) Bill. The Congress party has issued a whip to all its members to be present in Rajya Sabha. Congress with 14 other opposition parties is demanding to send the bill to select committee. As many as 14 political parties have signed on TMC’s notice to send the RTI bill to select committee. While few other MPs are likely to move amendments to remove three clauses.


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25 July 2019
18:45 PM

Triple Talaq Bill has been passed by Lok Sabha. This is a major achievement for the Modi government but the bigger win would be for Muslim women.

The Bill will now be sent to Rajya Sabha.

18:26 PM

Voting to take place through slips which have been distributed to every member in the House.

18:19 PM

Voting on Triple Talaq Bill underway in Lok Sabha

17:53 PM

There have been 345 cases of triple talaq after the judgment till July 24. Should we leave these women on roads? I am a minister in Narendra Modi government and not in Rajiv Gandhi government: Ravi Shankar Prasad.

17:30 PM

It is confirmed that Parliament session has been extended till August 7.

17:20 PM

ANI sources say Parliament session to be extended till August 6.

15:48 PM

Azam Khan walks out after the uproar.

Speaker Om Birla takes a grim view of the entire episode. "It is very easy for all of you to demand 'expunge this expunge that', but why should the need to expunge arise at all? Once a remark is given, it is already in public domain. Therefore, we all should speak keeping the dignity of the Parliament in mind," he says.

15:32 PM

Azam Khan faces backlash after a controversial remark directed towards officiating Speaker Rama Devi who is a BJP MP. When BJP demanded an apology, he said he meant no disrespect.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav comes to Azam Khan's rescue, calls BJP politicians are rude.

His comments have been expunged.

13:58 PM

Govt should also bring a bill to protect the rights of divorced Hindu women, says Congress MP Dr Mohammad Jawed.

13:55 PM

Congress MP Md Javed says the triple talaq bill will make the lives of Indian Muslim women miserable.

13:40 PM

BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi slams Opposition for resisting the triple talaq bill, says it has destroyed several lives.

13:31 PM

In a big boost for the government, several opposition parties back RTI (Amendment) bill in Rajya Sabha.

13:17 PM

The Supreme Court never gave any directive to the government to make a law on this. Only the AIMPLB wants a law on this. "Why the government is not ready to make a law on mob lynching when it has been directed by the Supreme Court. This is a politically motivated Bill to target a particular community," says NK Premachandran.

13:13 PM

Why are you not enforcing imprisonment for divorce in the Hindu and Christian communities? Why alone in the Muslim community? This is discrimination against the Muslim community, says NK Premachandran, Revolutionary Socialist Party during the discussion on Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha. 


13:08 PM

The government's triple talaq bill faces resistance from the Opposition. The purpose of the bill is to penalise Muslim men, says MP NK Premachandran.

13:06 PM

After Supreme Court judgment, as many as 345 cases of Triple Talaq have come to light till July 24, 2019: Law Minister RS Prasad in Lok Sabha.


13:05 PM

Defending the Triple Talaq Bill, Prasad says, "Irrespective of religion, all women are equal in the eyes of law. Why should Muslim women be left to fend for themselves? 

13:04 PM

It's not a religious issue, it's related to the dignity of Indian Muslim women: Law Minister.

13:01 PM

Triple talaq bill should not be looked from a political angle, says Law Minister.

13:00 PM

At least 20 nations have a law banning triple talaq, why can't there be one in a secular India, asks Law Minister.  

12:57 PM

Law Minister RS Prasad recalls a recent incident in Uttar Pradesh where a woman was given triple talaq because of her habit of cleaning her teeth with tobacco. The woman, identified as Bano, had claimed that her husband and her in-laws have been torturing her for dowry ever since she got married seven months back.

12:53 PM

Citing Supreme Court judges, Law Minister says, "One judge had said that Triple Talaq is arbitrary and unconstitutional so it should be abolished. Another judge said teen talaq is wrong by law, while other judges said that a law should be made against it."

12:51 PM

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad favours Triple Talaq Bill, says, "What is not right in the Sharia should be corrected in law."

12:49 PM

Congress MP Sashi Tharoor says adequate time should be given to study the triple talaq amendment bill tabled by the govt.  

12:45 PM

I'm against Triple Talaq bill. Govt shouldn't interfere with the internal matter of any religion. A small sect, followers of Abu Hanifa, practices triple talaq. The decision should be left with the girl and her parents, if nikah receipt states they're (boy's side) followers of the sect: ST Hasan, Samajwadi Party MP.


12:42 PM

Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad says the government will abolish 58 old laws, which create problems for the ordinary people.   

12:38 PM

The government bringing the triple talaq bill in a hurry, says Congress. 

12:20 PM

Triple Talaq Bill has been tabled by the government in the Lok Sabha. The bill is set to face huge resistance from Congress-led opposition.

11:30 AM

MDMK leader Vaiko takes oath as member of Rajya Sabha.


11:08 AM

As far as Triple Talaq Bill is concerned, Criminality Clause may be misused by police & govt. So we'll strongly oppose Criminality Clause. If the govt sticks to that, we'll ask for division: K Suresh, Congress MP

11:07 AM

Congress has spoken to all allies of UPA and all of them have agreed to oppose Triple Talaq Bill in Lok Sabha today: K Suresh, Congress MP.

11:01 AM

The govt is interfering in the Islamic Sharia law, which is not right. Muslims will only abide by the Islamic Sharia law in religious matters, says SP MP.  

10:58 AM

SP MP Shafiqu-ur-Rahman says triple talaq is a religious issue. our party will oppose it in Lok Sabha. 


10:48 AM

DMK MP, Kanimozhi Karunanidhi has given Adjournment Motion notice in Lok Sabha over 'EWS (Economically Weaker Section) quota to deprive youth from the SC, ST, OBC sections from employment in central govt and public institutions.'

10:48 AM

Congress MP K Suresh has given Adjournment Motion Notice in Lok Sabha over 'increase in crime against tribals and dalits in Sonbhadra (UP)'.

09:36 AM

BJP MPs, Saroj Pandey and Ajay Pratap Singh, have given Zero Hour notice in Rajya Sabha over 'Simultaneous elections' & 'problems due to increasing population in the country', respectively.

09:35 AM

Congress party has issued whip to its MPs in Rajya Sabha to be present in the House today.

09:35 AM

NCP MP Vandana Chavan has given Zero Hour Notice in Rajya Sabha over 'discrepancies in entry age in schools in standard 1, across the country'.