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Mann ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi's top quotes

PM Modi on Sunday said "woman power" has contributed a lot to the positive transformation seen in the country.

Mann ki Baat: PM Narendra Modi's top quotes
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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said his government had transformed the process for selecting Padma award winners.

He added that the common people were now being honoured because the emphasis was no longer on the name of a nominee, but on the work done.

In the year's first 'Mann ki Baat' address, PM Modi said the awards are being bestowed on people "who do not live in big cities and are not visible in newspapers and TV".

Following are the top quotes of the PM:

- "Making the (nomination) process online has led to transparency. The selection process for these awards has undergone a transformation. If you look at these winners, you will feel proud that such kind of people live in society and will also naturally feel proud that they are getting this recognition without any 'sifarish' (recommendation)."

- "Now the identity of the awardee is not the deciding factor of the award, rather the importance of his work is increasing."

- "Women are playing a significant role in the positive changes happening in the country." 

- "The country lost Kalpana Chawla at a young age, but her life is an example for the entire world. Nari shakti has united the society, the world, with the thread of unity."

- "Today, women are leading from the front in every sphere. They are pioneering new achievements and establishing milestones."

-  "A daughter is equivalent to 10 sons. The punya you earn through ten sons amounts to the same as earned through one daughter. This underscores the importance given to women in our society. That is why women have been accorded the status of shakti." 

- "Bapu's teachings are relevant even today. What can be a bigger tribute than taking a vow that we shall tread the path of Bapu and walk, as far as possible."

- "It is necessary for all the people of the society to truly benefit from the development, and for this, our society should get rid of the social evils."

- "Come, let us all take a pledge to end the evils from our society and let’s build a 'new India' that is strong and capable."

- If a person is determined to do something then there is nothing impossible. Major transformations can be brought through jan andolan."

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