No-confidence motion debate: TDP accuses BJP government of discriminating against AP

"It is a war between majority and morality, a war of discrimination. Our PM promised special category status to Andhra Pradesh. It has been four years too long."

No-confidence motion debate: TDP accuses BJP government of discriminating against AP

New Delhi: Amidst loud protesting voices, TDP on Friday made use of time allotted to it in the no-confidence motion moved by the party to accuse the BJP government of having discriminated against Andhra Pradesh on the issue of providing special category status.

Representing the party, Jayadev Galla began by accusing the Centre of having ignored Andhra Pradesh and of having gone back on promises made to the state. "I move the debate that the opposition doesn't have confidence in the council of ministers. The current government is a government of empty promises. BJP has declared war on TDP and it is a war of discrimination and a war between majority and morality because of which, Andhra Pradesh is suffering," he said. "The gap between Andhra Pradesh and other south India states is clearly visible. The state's growth is the highest among all south India states but per capita income is among the lowest."



Highlighting that it is Andhra Pradesh which is the new state and not Telangana, Galla said that TDP is facing difficulties in building institutions and industry. "I am neither tinkering, twisting or tweaking facts. The division between Telangana and Andhra was done in a crude manner."

Gulla then went on to accuse PM Modi himself of having gone back on promises made. "PM Modi has campaigned in Andhra and said that concerns would be addressed. What happened to the assurances, the promises? More money is being given to build statues than for the capital city of Andhra" he said.

The TDP lawmaker said that his party is committed to the people in the state of Andhra and that special category is a crucial need of the hour.