Section 144 imposed ahead of mega demolition of Maradu flats in Kochi

Massive arrangements have been made for the two-day demolition drive of four illegal apartments in Maradu that begins today. The first building will be razed to the ground within seconds, followed by the second demolition after a gap of five minutes.

Section 144 imposed ahead of mega demolition of Maradu flats in Kochi
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New Delhi: Section 144, which prohibits an assembly of four or more people in an area, has been imposed within the 200 meters of Maradu high-rises during the final demolition of the building. The restriction came to effect at 9:00 am on January 11 and will continue till the end of the demolition. The area will be demarcated using red flags.

This decision was taken in a high- level meeting convened by Ernakulam District Collector S Suhas to finalise the plans for the demolition. As part of the safety measures, 2,000 individuals living in the vicinity of the apartments will be evacuated.

On Saturday, the implosion is scheduled for 11:00 am in H2O Holy Faith and 11.05 am in Alfa Serene flats. On Sunday, the implosion is scheduled for 11:00 am at Jain Coral Cave and at 2:00 am at Golden Kayaloram flats.

As per instruction issued, Section 144 will be declared and imposed in the evacuation zone of all the flats to be demolished. House to house search will be carried out for ensuring 100 per cent evacuation of people residing in the zone. People may witness the implosion from any place outside the evacuation zone.

"The residents in the evacuation zone have been asked to switch off the electricity and all the appliances before leaving their homes. They are advised to close all windows and doors to protect their home from dust. All traffic -- airborne, waterborne, land-based is prohibited in the evacuation zone. Since all buildings have been charged with explosives, nobody shall fly drones in the evacuation zone from immediate effect. Any violation is extremely dangerous and shall attract legal action," the advisory stated.

Based on the warning siren sequence, traffic diversions shall be regulated. People may return to their homes once police remove barricades from the roads leading to the evacuation zone, as per the advisory.

This comes after the residents of Maradu municipality, whose houses are located within a radius of 200 metres from the towers which are proposed to be demolished on January 11- 12 by the order of the Supreme Court, filed a case in Kerala High Court on Tuesday.

The petitioners requested the Kerala High Court to direct the respondents to immediately assess the present market value of the houses and other structures in the 200-metre area before the demolition.

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