Security Forces Face New Threat as Terrorists Deploy Liquid IEDs in Jammu and Kashmir

Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir are now contending with the threat of difficult-to-detect liquid IEDs used by terror groups, posing a significant new challenge.

Security Forces Face New Threat as Terrorists Deploy Liquid IEDs in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir: While security forces have been dealing with multiple attacks in the Jammu region in the last week, they now face a new challenge. After decades, terror groups in the valley are using difficult-to-detect liquid Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). According to top police sources, in a recent recovery by Jammu and Kashmir Police in South Kashmir's Pulwama district, the Over Ground Workers led to the discovery of these difficult-to-detect liquid IEDs, which they had hidden in an apple orchard.

Jammu and Kashmir Police recently killed Lashkar terrorists Riyaz Dar and Rayees Dar in an operation, and afterward, they busted a group of Over Ground Workers in the same district. Jammu and Kashmir Police earlier stated, "Following the encounter of LeT commander Reyaz Dar and his associate Rayees Dar on 3/6/24, during further investigation, Pulwama police recovered 02 IEDs weighing 06 kgs from the OGW network of the slain militants. 03 arrests have been made for providing shelter and logistics support."

While the terror groups have changed many of their strategies in recent times, numerous foreign terrorists now remain mostly active in the Jammu region. They cross the Line of Control or International Border and directly reach the Rajouri-Poonch area, which often becomes the first area of attack. On the other hand, security forces now face the challenge of detecting liquid IEDs, which can easily evade general detection methods.

The OGW network was unearthed, and three persons were arrested. It was revealed that the two slain terrorists had prepared IEDs, which were subsequently recovered from the possession of Shakir Bashir, who hid them in the orchards. The IEDs were packed in a plastic container along with explosives and an active circuit trigger mechanism, weighing around 06 kgs, which was later destroyed in situ by Pulwama police and the army.

According to a top police official, forensic teams are working on the findings of the IEDs destroyed in the orchard. The liquid IED is either trinitrotoluene (TNT) or nitroglycerine. The police recovered three bottles filled with white liquid packed in plastic. Jammu and Kashmir Police released photos and a video of the explosive device blast in an orchard.

The shift in terrorist strategies in the Union Territory will pose a significant challenge for security forces this summer.