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Students accuse Meerut school warden of dressing up as ghost and molesting them

Students say she walks around with her face covered and often tugs at their clothes and mattresses. The warden, Poonam Bharti, has denied the charges and has asked that CCTV footage be examined.

Students accuse Meerut school warden of dressing up as ghost and molesting them

New Delhi: In a bizzare controversy in Meerut's Kasturba Gandhi School, several students here have complained that the warden in-charge of night duty often dresses up as a ghost and molests them.

According to news agency ANI, the students have complained that the accused warden - Poonam Bharti - has been disguising herself as a ghost and has been molesting them while they are in bed in the boarding school. Bharti though has vehemently denied the charges and is herself calling for a probe. "I have demanded an investigation in the matter and have also told authorities to check CCTV footage. Truth will automatically be out," she said.



A Times of India report recently quoted several students as saying that Bharti walks around the school property with her face covered and also sprays a perfume-like liquid on several girls while they are sleeping. She has also been heard speaking to a girl who is not visible. The students have also alleged that she often tugs at clothes and mattresses while students are sleeping and that they have no option but to pretend they are fast asleep. The students are mostly from Class 6, 7 and 8.

Local authorities are now looking into the matter and have promised to get to the bottom of the incident.