Rajya Sabha passes Juvenile Justice Bill: As it happened

Those aged 16 and above will now be tried as adults for heinous crimes like rape as Parliament on Tuesday passed a bill, days after the juvenile convict in the
ghastly 2012 gangrape-cum-murder case walked free for lack of such a legal provision. 


Delhi: Those aged 16 and above will now be tried as adults for heinous crimes like rape as Parliament on Tuesday passed a bill, days after the juvenile convict in the ghastly 2012 gangrape-cum-murder case walked free for lack of such a legal provision. Watched from the galleries by the distraught parents of Nirbhaya, the victim in the the December, 2012 incident, the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, which provides for lowering the age from 18 years, was passed by Rajya Sabha by a voice vote with Congress support after a walkout by Left parties.

22 December 2015
20:29 PM

Strength of democracy was again reflected today when Parliament respecting public sentiments, debated Juvenile Justice Bill in one voice. Categorizing juveniles indulging in heinous crimes as adults is fully justified but we can never ignore importance of reformatory measures. Our society is passing through a transition period. Conflict of cultures is creating such an atmosphere when children sometimes go astray: Shivraj Singh Chouhan, MP CM.

19:50 PM

I think the bill should have been sent to the Select Committee: Sitaram Yechury, CPI. 

19:50 PM

Delayed but happy that it finally got passed: Rajyavardhan Rathore, MoS, I&B.

19:50 PM

We're happy that bill has been passed, happy that TMC took lead in passing this: Derek O'Brien.

19:49 PM

he bill has been passed in RS, people will be happy with this, I am satisfied: Venkaiah Naidu.

19:39 PM

Frankly speaking, because of public pressure and by seeing the public mood, today discussion happened: Venkaiah Naidu.

19:39 PM

Delayed but at least it happened, we welcome this: DCW chief Swati Maliwal.

19:39 PM

I welcome move to pass Juvenile Justice Bill and congratulate parliamentarians across parties in prioritizing children today: Kailash Satyarthi.

19:38 PM

Juvenile Justice Bill which has been passed in RS is a tribute to our daughter: Nirbhaya's father.

19:19 PM

I am happy that every party has supported it and I thank all of them: Union Minister Maneka Gandhi on Juvenile Justice Bill being passed.

19:10 PM

I am satisfied but sad that my daughter couldn't get justice: Nirbhaya's mother after passage of Juvenile Justice Bill in RS.

19:09 PM

New law to try offenders who are 16 and above as adults in heinous crimes like rape and murder.

19:09 PM

Rajya Sabha passes Juvenile Justice Bill by voice vote.

18:54 PM

Juvenile Amendment Bill voting underway in Rajya Sabha.

18:54 PM

CPI-M walks out of Rajya Sabha.

18:54 PM

Maneka Gandhi in RS requests the House to pass the Juvenile Justice Bill.

18:53 PM

Maneka Gandhi reads out a list of gruesome crimes committed by juveniles, in RS, asks the House how such cases can be handled.

18:52 PM

Is poverty only reason why some children turn criminal? How then does Sweden, with no poor people, have high number of rape cases, asks Maneka Gandhi.

18:52 PM

Is a child a child because he is 16 or because he has been nurtured like that, asks Maneka Gandhi.

17:51 PM

The need of the hour is a thought revolution, where the mindset of the masses need to be reached out to: Anand Sharma.

17:51 PM

We need to realise our responsibilities too. There is a need for social awareness and intervention: Anand Sharma.

17:51 PM

If we isolate ourselves from emotions for a moment, House needs to think if only changing law will work in the nation: Congress' Anand Sharma.

17:41 PM

Would be really good if Government sends this (Juvenile Justice bill) to a select committee. And we can have more discussions, more considerations and then pass this bill. There is really no hurry in doing it. We have to give it enough consideration before passing: Kanimozhi (DMK) in RS.

15:25 PM

Carrying forward the debate, DerekO'Brien says, "If our children are becoming criminals, you and I responsible." 

Juvenile Justice has to be set on the foundation of rehabilitation and reform, says Derek adding that the bigger job is to ensure the juvenile homes are run very well.

While concluding his speech, the TMC leader says, "I compliment the Congress, BJP and all other parties in the middle for making this happen."

15:19 PM

Throwing weight behind the proposed bill, the Trinamool leader says, "Law for reform or law for penalty - this is the big issue today. There are many provisions in the Bill that make it law for reform."

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15:17 PM

Trinamool Congress MP Derek O Brien says, "If it would've been my daughter on 16 December 2012, I would've shot the culprit. This is an emotional issue."

"This is an emotional issue. We cannot even think what is going on in the minds of Nirbhaya's parents," says TMC MP is Rajya Sabha.

"At the end of it all, it is to all our credit that we will pass this Bill today. I stand here to support this Bill today," exhorts Brien.

14:40 PM

Rajya Sabha MP Anu says lowering of age of criminals is not the solution.

We should not give knee-jerk reactions and instead send Juvenile Justice Bill to select committee, she adds.

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14:34 PM

Nirbhaya's mother is not fighting for justice only for her daughter, but to ensure that such a crime doesn't happen again, Azad tells Rajya Sabha.

Azad calls for more policing in to prevent rape like crimes.

14:26 PM

Because of some developments related to Nirbhaya case in the last 3-4 days, the Parliament is discussing the issue, says Azad.

The Congress leader says Nirbhaya gang-rape case was very shameful. 

Azad opines that there should be a separate enclosure for juvenile criminals in jail and should be educated.

14:24 PM

While the Rajya Sabha debates the Juvenile Justice Bill, former top cop Kiran Bedi takes a dig at the elected representatives.

14:17 PM

Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha and Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad says the whole nation was terrified by the 2012 Delhi gang-rape case.

14:10 PM

BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi says, we have no objection if parliamentarians want to discuss the juvenile justice bill till late, be it 10 pm or 11 pm, we have no objection.

14:07 PM

We may not be able to do anything about the Juvenile convict in the Nirbhaya case, but we can deter many other boys from doing the same, says the BJP leader.

A juvenile offender will not go directly to jail under the new law as this is a nuanced bill.

Under the proposed law, Juvenile Justice board will decide whether a child committed the crime in a childish or adult frame of mind, asserts Maneka Gandhi.

"They (juvenile convicts) will not stay with adults in jails meant for adults... They will be kept in borstals. It does not exist at present... it will be created," the minister said.

The convicted juvenile will stay in borstals till they attain the age of 21, and will be evaluated to decide whether they should be released.

"There will be a review... if they still have a criminal bent of mind, they will serve the complete sentence," said the minister.

14:03 PM

While appealing to the MPs to pass the crucial bill, Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi says are we going to protect the victims or the rapists.

The BJP leader says, the particular bill doesn't mean that a 16-year-old goes to jail, but it focuses on rehabilitation.

Terming the bill as a comprehensive one, the Union Minister says Juvenile involvement in crime is fastest rising segment of crime, further adding that these days a 16-year-old knows he can easily get away by committing a crime.

14:03 PM

Nirbhaya's family are present inside the Upper House witnessing the crucial debate.

14:01 PM

BJP leader Maneka Gandhi initiates the debate on Juvenile Justice Bill in Rajya Sabha.

13:52 PM

The debate on the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2014 is expected to start shortly in Rajya Sabha.

10:16 AM

Union Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Minister and BJP leader Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who met Delhi braveheart's parents today morning, asserted that there should not be any delay in the passing of this bill.

"So far, we have listed this bill for five times in the ongoing Winter Session. We are confident that this bill would be passed by the Rajya Sabha today. We believe that there should not be any delay to bring a stringent law," he said.

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10:00 AM

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today assured disappointed Nirbhaya's parents that the Juvenile Justice Bill would be today passed in the Parliament.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Nirbhaya's mother said, "We have been assured that Juvenile Justice Bill will be passed in Rajya Sabha today. He (juvenile) would not have been released if this bill had passed six months ago. Be it delayed, but we want this bill to be passed in Parliament."

09:14 AM

Trinamool Congress MP Derek O'Brien, who on Monday raised the issue in Parliament, today tweeted: "The #juvenilejustice Bill set to be taken up at 2pm in #parliament today. Speaking for @AITCofficial am listed to be 4th speaker in debate."

09:13 AM

The apex court's rejection of plea against release of juvenile offender in 2012 Delhi gang-rape case on Monday spurred demands inside and outside Parliament for passage of a bill.

The bill provides for the trial of those between 16-18 years as adults for heinous offences. Also, anyone between 16-18 years who commits a less serious offence may be tried as an adult if he is apprehended after he attains the age of 21.

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday said the government was in agreement to take up the bill, adding it was listed repeatedly on several days during the ongoing winter session.

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Six persons, including the juvenile, had brutally assaulted and raped a 23-year-old girl in a moving bus in south Delhi on December 16, 2012. The victim had died in a Singapore hospital on December 29, 2012.

Mukesh, Vinay, Pawan and Akshay were awarded death penalty by the trial court in the gang rape and murder case which was later confirmed by the Delhi High Court. Their appeals are
pending before the Supreme Court.

Accused Ram Singh had allegedly committed suicide in Tihar Jail on March 11, 2013, and proceedings against him were abated following his death.

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