Fourth suspect in Canadian terror plot free on bail

Peshdary was detained on assault charges while under surveillance by police.

Ottawa: An Ottawa man detained on assault charges while under surveillance by federal police probing an alleged terror plot was released on bail on Friday.

Aswo Peshdary, 20, was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police anti-terrorism unit on August 27. He was later charged by the Ottawa police with assault and uttering threats, but is not facing any charges related to the probe.

A judge yesterday ordered the call centre employee`s release on USD 8,000 bail paid for by his sister and father, on the condition that he stay away from his wife, not own any weapons and not apply for a passport.

Three others accused of being part of a "domestic terrorist group operating in Canada" had previously been arrested in police raids on their suburban homes in Ottawa and London, Ontario.

The trio was charged under Canada`s Anti-Terrorism Act with conspiracy, possessing materials for explosives and making property or financial services available to a terrorist group.

One of the suspects is also believed to be a member of an unnamed terror group tied to the war in Afghanistan.

Federal police said they had executed a search warrant in Ottawa and arrested Peshdary "as part of our standard operating procedures in the course of the search" linked to the terror investigation.