Davinia Taylor completes 10 years of sobriety

Actress Davinia Taylor has not touched alcohol since 10 years. And she considered it as an achievement.

Davinia Taylor completes 10 years of sobriety Pic Courtesy: Instagram

Los Angeles: Actress Davinia Taylor has not touched alcohol since 10 years. And she considered it as an achievement.

The "Is Harry on the Boat" star recently took to Instagram and posted a couple of posts, sharing how she feels without consuming alcohol over the years," reports

"Celebrating 10 years sober today!!! Not a drop of alcohol has passed my lips in over a decade. Which is incredible considering I was having withdrawal seizures when I tried to get clean all those years ago on my own. I had some pictures done of me in my birthday suit totally exposed to my all insecurities of judgement and not being enough. We all enter this world naked but seem to dress ourselves in false personas in order to protect our raw selves.

"A natural survival instinct yet I lost who I truly am when I fell victim to alcoholism..Took so long to finally forgive myself for being me but now I feel worthwhile enough to pass on what I've experienced and learned from my life as a recovering alcoholic," Davinia said.

She also shared how she has started thinking clearly.

"I am blessed with how I feel and how I can think clearly these days. It's not about putting just the drink down it's about stepping away from toxic situations and people and knowing who and what they are.I've shed all my shame and fear of my history through honest sharing and trust in my fellow addicts and true friends ."

Davinia called alcoholism a disease.

"Alcoholism is a disease triggered by DNA , trauma and epigenetics (inherited trauma and habits) it is not your fault any more than someone getting cancer or heart disease ( I will do a big post on epigenetics soon !! It's mind blowing stuff !) Nobody asked to have their mind body and soul to be tortured on a moment by moment basis.

"I know the guilt and shame handed out with the diagnosis of alcoholism keeps good people from getting help from this deadly disease. One day we will hack into the genetic code and shed some light on how to edit our epigenetics so no other man woman or child has to bare witness nor suffer the hell that is addiction. Until then I will keep my genes quiet by eating food which feeds my brain and increases my gut bacteria (reduces depression ) , exercising, journaling, meditation and speaking out to another alcoholic on a daily basis..if your struggling with yourself and using alcohol to self medicate, reach out to someone who's survived this disease they will help," she added.