Pensioners Alert! Submit Life Certificate soon or your pension will stop

The rule will take effect on November 1 for persons under the age of 80, with the window remaining open until November 30.

Pensioners Alert! Submit Life Certificate soon or your pension will stop

New Delhi: In order to continue receiving their monthly payout, pensioners must submit their life certificates, or jeevan pramaan, by November 30 this year. The new law went into force on October 1 for seniors above the age of 80, and the window is open for two months. 

The rule will take effect on November 1 for persons under the age of 80, with the window remaining open until November 30. To submit a life certificate, one must go to their local post office or bank. This operation can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including doorstep banking and online submission.

Life certificate

A life certificate is a vital piece of documentation for retirees, as it serves as verification that they are still alive. This must be shown to an authorised pension distributor or agency, such as a bank or the post office, and ensures that payments to the pensioner's workplace do not continue after his or her death. Before awarding pensions, the government and insurance companies advise producing this certificate, which is normally required once a year.

In order for the disbursing agency to issue the life certificate, the person receiving the pension must generally be physically present. In the event of a pandemic, the Centre has devised digital life certificates (DLC) to prevent Covid dangers, which are regarded as sufficient proof for pension disbursement.

Life certificates Importance

A life certificate is important for pensioners since it ensures that their monthly award is paid without interruption, as it may be their only source of income. However, for many elderly individuals, the requirement of being physically present to receive a life certificate is a difficulty, thus the Centre has developed a digital life certificate, or Jeevan Pramaan, in which the entire procedure is completed digitally.

If onboarded to Jeevan Pramaan, pension sanctioning bodies like as the railroads, EPFO, state or central pensioners governments, and RBI are eligible for the digital certificate. These certifications can also be obtained from insurance firms. On the Jeevan Pramaan website, you may find a list of authorities.

The certificate, however, is not indefinitely valid and must be renewed when the validity time has passed.

How can pensioners submit a life certificate

Life certificates can be electronically submitted through the Jeevan Pramaan website ( or the app. In this instance, the pensioner can finish the procedure digitally at home by entering essential information such as name, mobile number, Aadhaar number, and other pension-related information. For biometric authentication, the portal employs the Aadhaar platform, which enables fingerprint and iris scanning. You can also submit the life certificate digitally at a nearby citizen service centre or bank/post office.

If the process seems too complicated, retirees can go to a pension disbursing bank and fill out a form in person. Another method for submitting life certificates is through doorstep banking. A postman or a recognised official can also help retirees finish the process. If NRI retirees are unable to physically come to India to receive a life certificate, the certificate can be issued by officials such as bank officers, notaries, magistrates, or an Indian diplomatic agent.

If an NRI pensioner is unable to visit the Indian Embassy or Consulate, the life certificate, along with other relevant documents such as a doctor's certificate proving his or her inability to travel, can be mailed to the authorities.

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