3rd T20I: India vs Zimbabwe - As it happened...​

India bowlers held their nerves at crucial junctures of the match to seal the series. 

3rd T20I: India vs Zimbabwe - As it happened...​

Even after having a small total to defend, India bowlers didn't lose hopes and bowled their heart out to win the match for India.

For his belligerent fifty, Kedar Jadhav won Man of the Match award. 

For scalping six wickets Barinder Sran won Man of the Series. 

Zimbabwe Innings

Over 20 || Score 135/6 (Maruma 23)

Sran to bowl the final over. First ball, Maruma hit the length ball for a six over mid-wicket. 2nd ball, a big wide. Next ball, no-ball (above waist height) and a boundary came from Maruma's willow. No run from the next two balls. It's a nail-biting match. 4th ball, single came off it. 5th ball, boundary from Chigumbura's willow. Zimbabwe need 4 runs to win the match. Last ball, Chigumbura OUT! And with that India won the match by three runs and sealed the series 2-1.  

E Chigumbura c Chahal b Sran 16 (16b)

Over 19 || Score 118/5 (Maruma 12, Chigumbura 12)

Bumrah to bowl the penultimate over of the match. 4th ball was smacked out of the park by Maruma. What a game of cricket!  Single came off the last two balls. ​Zimbabwe need 21 runs from 6 balls.

Over 18 || Score 107/5 (Maruma 2, Chigumbura 11)

Waller Out! Bumrah took a blinder inside the circle to send Waller back in the hut. Maruma walked into the middle. Three from the over along with the wicket. Zimbabwe need 32 runs from 12 balls.   

MN Waller c Bumrah b Kulkarni 10 (17b)

Over 17 || Score 104/4 (Waller 10, Chigumbura 11)

Bumrah with his 3rd over. Chigumbura hit a boundary off the last ball as Zimbabwe collect seven runs from the over. Zimbabwe need 35 runs from 18 balls. 

Over 16 || Score 97/4 (Waller 8, Chigumbura 6)

Patel conceded six runs in the over. It can still be anyone's game. Zimbabwe need 42 runs from 24 balls. 

Over 15 || Score 91/4 (Waller 6, Chigumbura 2)

Bumrah back into the attack. Tight over by the pacer. Zimbabwe need 48 runs from 30 balls. 

Over 14 || Score 88/4 (Waller 5, Chigumbura 0)

Chahal with his last over. The leg-spinner proved quite expensive for India in the over as Moor hit him for two sixes. Match is slipping away from India's hands. Moor OUT! Zimbabwe need 51 runs from 36 balls. 

PJ Moor c Mandeep Singh b Chahal 26 (21b)

Over 13 || Score 71/3 (Waller 2, Moor 12)

Patel to bowl the over. No wicket from this over as well. India need wickets badly now. Zimbabwe need 65 runs from 42 balls. 

Over 12 || Score 71/3 (Waller 2, Moor 12)

Chahal with his 3rd over. Moor launched the bowler for a six over mid-wicket off the first ball. Expensive over as nine came off it. Zimbabwe need 68 runs from 48 balls. 

Over 11 || Score 62/3 (Waller 1, Moor 4)

Kulkarni back into the attack. Dangerous Sibanda OUT! Slower ball did the trick here for the bowler as Sibanda was caught in front of the wicket. After the fall of hosts 3rd wicket, Malcolm Waller joined Moor at the centre. 

V Sibanda lbw b Kulkarni 28 (23b)

Over 10 || Score 59/2 (Sibanda 28, Moor 2)

Chahal to continue. Outstanding over by the leg-spinner. Just a single from it. India should keep up the pressure by taking wickets at regular intervals.  

Over 9 || Score 58/2 (Sibanda 28, Moor 1)

It seems that Dhoni is running short of ideas. Masakadza Out! Patel caught him in front of the wicket. Is it going to be the turning point of the match? Moor walked into the crease.  

H Masakadza lbw b Patel 15 (21b)

Over 8 || Score 51/1 (Sibanda 21, Masakadza 8)

Yuzvendra Chahal into the attack for the first time. Sibanda welcomed the leggie with a boundary off his first ball. Eight runs came from the over as Zimbabwe crossed the 50-run mark. 

Over 7 || Score 43/1 (Sibanda 21, Masakadza 8)

Jasprit Bumrah and Axar Patel have come to the attack. Both bowled tight overs first up. But India need a couple of wickets here to put the hosts under a bit of pressure.  

Over 5 || Score 38/1 (Sibanda 19, Masakadza 6)

Sran to continue. Sibanda hit the seamer for a boundary off the first ball. He is looking dangerous at the moment, dealing in just boundaries. India have to take all ten wickets to win the match. 

Over 4 || Score 32/1 (Sibanda 14, Masakadza 5)

Sibanda has made his intentions clear by hitting Kulkarni for three consecutive boundaries. Big over for the hosts as 13 runs came off it. 

Over 3 || Score 19/1 (Sibanda 1, Masakadza 5)

Chibhabha Out! Sran gave India their first breakthrough. Vusi Sibanda​ has joined Masakadza into the middle. Eight runs and a wicket from the over.   

Over 2 || Score 11/0 (Chibhabha 5, Masakadza 0)

Positive start by Zimbabwe while chasing a small total of 138. Hosts have collected 11 runs in the first two overs. Though, Masakadza is yet to open his account.   

India Innings

Over 20 || Score 138/6 (Patel 20, Kulkarni 1)

Madziva to bowl the last over of the innings. Patel and Kulkarni are in the middle for India. Seven runs came from the first four balls. Fifth ball, Patel hit a six over long off. Last ball, two more runs from Patel's willow. 16 runs came from the over. And with that India put up 138 on board after being offered to bat first. 

Over 19 || Score 122/6 (Patel 6)

Tiripano to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Indian batsmen found it difficult to score a boundary in the over. Jadhav Out! Trying to go for a big hit, he gave a simple catch to long on fielder off the last ball.  

KM Jadhav c Chigumbura b Tiripano 58 (42b) 


Over 18 || Score 111/5 (Patel 2, Jadhav 51)

Chatara to bowl the over. First ball was smacked out of the park by Jadhav. And with that hit India crossed the 100-run mark. Jadhav collected two more boundaries in the over to complete his half-century. He is the saving grace in the match thus far for India. 16 runs came from the over. 

Over 17 || Score 95/5 (Patel 1, Jadhav 36)

Tiripano to bowl. Dhoni Out! Inside edge from Dhoni's willow and the ball crashed into his stumps. Axar Patel walked into the middle. Superb over, just two runs from the over along with the wicket.     

MS Dhoni b Tiripano 9 (13b)

Over 16 || Score 93/4 (Dhoni 9, Jadhav 35)

Madziva to continue. Jadhav should try to up the ante now as he has been in the middle for quite some time. Tight over by the seamer, six runs came off it. 

Over 15 || Score 87/4 (Dhoni 8, Jadhav 31)

Chatara set to bowl his 3rd over. Superb over by the pacer as he gave mere two runs. India have to score runs at a rapid pace now. 

Over 14 || Score 85/4 (Dhoni 7, Jadhav 30)

Madziva back into the attack. Dhoni hit his first boundary of the match off the last ball towards point region. The bowler leaked seven runs in his 2nd over. 

Over 13 || Score 78/4 (Dhoni 2, Jadhav 29)

Rayudu Out! India lost yet another wicket as skipper Cremer did the trick for his team. Skipper MS Dhoni has come to the middle. 

AT Rayudu c Chigumbura b Cremer 20 (26b)

Over 12 || Score 69/3 (Rayudu 20, Jadhav 22)

Chibhabha with his 4th over. Rayudu broke the shackles by hitting a boundary. Another good over for India as eight runs came off it.  

Over 11 || Score 61/3 (Rayudu 13, Jadhav 21)

Cremer to bowl. Jadhav is playing aggressive cricket from one end, while, Rayudu is a bit cautious from the other. Jadhav collected his 3rd boundary in the over. Eight runs came off it.   

Over 10 || Score 53/3 (Rayudu 10, Jadhav 16)

Chibhabha to continue. Jadhav dropped by Masakadza at short covers off the 2nd ball. India crossed the 50-run mark. The bowler conceded just four runs.     

Over 9 || Score 49/3 (Rayudu 7, Jadhav 15)

Cremer proved a bit expensive in the over as Jadhav hit him for two boundaries. Ten came from the over. 

Over 8 || Score 39/3 (Rayudu 6, Jadhav 6)

Chibhabha to continue. Jadhav faced some site-screen problem initially in the over. Zimbabwe bowlers haven't offered much room to the batsmen to free their arms. Five from the over.     

Over 7 || Score 34/3 (Rayudu 4, Jadhav 4)

Skipper Cremer into the attack for the first time. Both the batsmen are looking under a bit of pressure as India have lost three quick wickets. Another good over, the leggie gave away mere five runs.   

Over 6 || Score 29/3 (Rayudu 2, Jadhav 1)

Double bowling change! Chibhabha into the attack. Quick over by him as he conceded mere two singles in it. India need a partnership here. 

Over 5 || Score 27/3 (Rayudu 1, Jadhav 0)

First bowling change, Madziva to bowl. Off the 2nd ball, Rahul hit his 3rd boundary by slapping the bowler towards extra covers. Double blow for India as Rahul (bowled) and Pandey (run out) lost their wickets off two consecutive balls. Excellent first over by Madziva.  

KL Rahul b Madziva 22 (20b) 

Over 4 || Score 23/1 (Rayudu 1, Rahul 18)

Mandeep Out! The opener tried to play the ball over covers but couldn't connect it well and Maruma took a sensational catch. Ambati Rayudu has come to the middle. Productive over for Zimbabwe. 

Mandeep Singh c Maruma b Tiripano 4 (6b)

Over 3 || Score 20/0 (Mandeep 4, Rahul 16)

Chatara to continue. Off the 2nd ball came a boundary from Rahul's willow as he played an uppish drive towards cover region. Next ball was smacked for a six as Rahul hit the bowler straight over his head. Then came another crunchy drive towards cover and with that came yet another boundary. Ball is coming nicely onto the bat. Expensive over as 16 runs came off it.     

Over 2 || Score 4/0 (Mandeep 3, Rahul 1)

Tiripano to bowl the over. Finally, off the 7th ball of the innings, India opened their account as Mandeep took a double by hitting the ball towards square leg. The new ball is not moving at all. Another decent over as four runs came off it.    

Over 1 || Score 0/0 (Mandeep 0, Rahul 0)

Chatara bowled the first six balls of the match right on the money. Zimbabwe started the bowling proceeding with a maiden over first up.    

Indian openers KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh have come to the middle. In the last match, both the batsmen carried their bat throughout the innings as India won the game by ten wickets.  

Playing XI

It's the first time on the tour that India are going to bat first. 

TOSS: Zimbabwe have won the toss and opted to bowl first. 

New Delhi: Live score and live updates from third and final T20I between India and Zimbabwe at the Harare Sports Club.

After sealing the ODI series 3-0, Men in Blue eye another series win against Zimbabwe.

After a forgettable show in the ODI series, the hosts gave their fans something to smile about by winning the first T20I by 2 runs.

However, their celebrations didn't last for long as India crushed them by ten wickets in the next game.

The local fans might turn up in big numbers to cheer for their players, who eye a rare series win against the Men in Blue.

But that is not going to be easy, as India have some fine young talent at their disposal, and with Dhoni leading the side, they are the favourties for today's match.