Skin donation

Green corridor helps transport liver 210km in 3.30 hours!

It took the ambulance a mere 3.36 hours to transport the liver from Nashik's Rishikesh Hospital to Pune's Sahyadri Hospital. 

Jun 28, 2016, 12:55 PM IST

Sohail Khan, Boney Kapoor pledge to donate skin

Sohail said he got very emotional after he saw a video clip about ‘Operation Restoration’.

Jan 12, 2016, 09:18 AM IST

Plastic surgeon wants to set up skin bank

After having worked in Britain, plastic surgeon M.S. Jayasekhar is working on an awareness campaign about a skin bank in the state, which he thinks will be a great boon for those who suffer severe burn injuries.

Oct 16, 2013, 19:09 PM IST