Kumkum Bhagya June 17, 2019, episode recap: Pragya is forced to kill the CM

Pragya is forced to kill the CM.

Kumkum Bhagya June 17, 2019, episode recap: Pragya is forced to kill the CM Pic Courtesy: ZEE5

New Delhi: In popular daily soap 'Kumkum Bhagya' last night we saw, how Ranbir is all geared up for his first day at work. Also, arrangements are in full swing for Abhi's mega event and Prachi works there as well. However, she stains Ranbir's shirt by mistake and he orders her to clean it. 

In between all this, Rhea spots Ranbir without his shirt and Prachi holding the shirt to clean it. Rhea tries to hamper Prachi's work. Then we see how Pragya finds out about CM's life is in danger and tries to warn her in advance. 

Ranbir and Prachi continue to fight during the event. Ranbir tries to get away from one girl by saying Prachi is his girlfriend. However, Rhea catches Ranbir in this moment and finds more proof that Ranbir and Prachi are together. Pragya complains to the CM’s brother and finds out that he is one planning the attack. Pragya ends up getting held hostage.

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In tonight’s episode, Mira hears that Rhea has gone after Prachi. She panics and decides to look for Rhea and stop her. Aliya hears about Mira’s plan and asks her to stop her plans. Aliya says hurtful things to Mira for put her off from stopping Rhea.

The CM’s brother asks Pragya to kill the CM. If Pragya doesn’t kill the CM, they threaten to kill Prachi and Abhi both. Rhea follows Prachi who bumps into Disha, Pragya’s sister, who is part of the media group covering the event. Disha reminds Prachi of Pragya.

Meanwhile, Ranbir sees Pragya going somewhere together with the CM’s brother. He tries talking to the CM’s brother to meet the CM’s secretary who is shot. Ranbir gets suspicious talking to the brother. While Abhi and his family talk to the CM, Pragya goes closer to the CM.

Mira finds out from the Mitali Bhabi that Aliya loves Rhea and Abhi the same two people that Mira loves so Aliya will always try to keep Mira away. Mira decides to fight against Aliya to make sure Rhea gets the right values. Aliya reminds Mira she’s not a family member, she only works for the family.

Disha and Aliya come across each other at the event but only smile at each other. They both remember how Aliya drove Disha away from Parv. Pragya goes closer to the CM. The CM tells her brother she plans to retire and give him the CM’s post. Will the CM’s brother cancel the plans to kill his sister? Stay tuned to find out.

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