OPPO Presents Sunburn Goa 2019: Capture This Musical Spectacle On The Best Camera Smartphone Of The Year

The curtains are all set to go up for the biggest musical spectacle of Asia, OPPO Sunburn Goa 2019, marking the new year festivities with musical & dance extravaganza like never before.

OPPO Presents Sunburn Goa 2019: Capture This Musical Spectacle On The Best Camera Smartphone Of The Year

While you are engaged in celebrating the festivities, you often end up capturing blurry images, and realize only once you reach your place that the images taken have not been able to do justice to the wonderful time you spent. You are so busy with the celebrations and dancing that you often end up capturing image of your shoe when you thought you were taking a selfie? We’ve all been there.

Capturing every moment to create life long memories is of utmost priority at any music festival and when the line-up boasts of names such as Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix and Flume, you need a phone that can do the job right. OPPO Reno2 is the perfect companion for an extravaganza like this, helping take some amazing shots and videos of you having the time of your life. With the World’s First Pop-up camera with Bokeh effect in video, Reno2 will enable you to create amazing videos, with the main focus on you and help you stand out amidst the crowd. So not just capture videos but create memories.


For more than a decade, the Sunburn festival has been drawing EDM fans across the world to Goa, and this year will be no different. So, when you are at a music festival of this scale, it’s likely that you won’t stand at one place. With Reno2, you don’t have to worry about being right at the front to get that amazing shot of an ongoing act. Thanks to the device’s 20X Digital Zoom capability, you will be able to see further than ever before! When you are moving around through the crowd to capture different angles, the OPPO Reno2 will come in handy to shoot different kinds of pictures - from an ultra wide angle shot showcasing the stage, to a close up shot of the musician using the phones 20X digital zoom.


Another issue at any music festival is that you’re always at the mercy of whatever type of lighting the concert venue is providing. Some artists love playing their sets in moody lighting. When you start to struggle with concerns of over exposure or an image being too dark, don’t fret. Simply whip out your OPPO Reno2, and its Ultra Dark Mode 2.0 will ensure that you can capture perfect photos in low light and be insta ready with them

With tons of opportunities for you to capture shots that you couldn’t have imagined, the OPPO Reno2 will be a perfect companion for helping you share the story of your perfect #OPPOxSunburn experience with your friends. Take advantage of a great camera smartphone and get clicking!