"Performed well but unfortunately..." Indian employee FIRED by Meta pens anguishing note

H1B visa holders have 60 days to hunt for new employment. An Indian employee, Raju Kadam posted a heartfelt post on LinkedIn. Read on to go through the story.

New Delhi: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, shocked the world when he joined the mass layoffs spree. Zuckerberg gives deep sadness by revealing that 13 percent of the company's workers, or over 11,000 employees worldwide, will be let go. Many of these employees are H1B visa holders from India and other countries who are currently struggling.

Indians who have been affected by the Meta layoffs have expressed their urgent desire for employment on social media. If H1B holders lose their existing jobs, they have 60 days to hunt for new employment. If the visa holder is unable to find new employment, the employee will be forced to return to their domicile country and leave the United States of America. (Also Read: Get Rs 1 crore on THIS Post Office PPF 2022 scheme by just investing Rs 417 per day: Check return calculator, interest rate, withdrawal rules & other key details)

Raju Kadam, a former senior technical programme manager at Meta, revealed his experience as one of many impacted Indian H1B workers on LinkedIn. Kadam, who joined Meta nine months ago, was laid off earlier this week along with 11 000 other workers. (Also Read: How to transfer Amazon Pay Balance to your bank account in few clicks? Here's the step-by-step guide)

"Unfortunately, I came to know today that I am one of 11,000 workers who were let go by Meta's "Metalayoff" campaign. I didn't anticipate being partially laid off because I've performed well since joining Meta in every aspect. I began an amazing adventure to work for Meta nine months ago, but it unexpectedly ended, "Kadam made in a LinkedIn post.

Kadam noted that he has limited time to find a new job because he is on an H1B visa. In the post, Kadam also mentioned his two children, who are US citizens despite the fact that he is an Indian. That being stated, my clock to depart the United States has started today because I have an H1-B visa.

In order to get a job, I'm contacting all of my Metamates, contacts, and LinkedIn network. If I don't, I'll have to take my kids and leave the United States. I've lived in the USA for 16 years and have witnessed the downturns in 2008, 2015 (oil), and 2020, but I've never lost my job.

The lives of my two sons, Yash, who is a chicken, and Arjun, who is superman, will be affected.  I will do whatever in my power to give them the best opportunity to succeed in the USA. Hence, I need a new job in the USA ASAP," the post read.

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