Review: Salman scores hat-trick with `Bodyguard`

Zeenews Bureau

With `Bodyguard` Salman Khan has struck gold! The flamboyant star has scored a hat-trick with his third consecutive Eid release with the first two films being `Wanted` and `Dabangg`.

The film portrays Salman as a bodyguard who looks robust but is tender and romantic at heart. Produced by his brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri and sister Alvira, `Bodyguard` has all the essential elements of a blockbuster film.

Kudos to filmmaker Siddique to have presented Salman Khan in a way never seen before! And the action sequences are breathtaking. Incorporating the tried and tested formula of romance cum action, director Siddique has been able to churn out a thriller that keeps you glued to your seat until the very end.

The first half of the film flows smoothly while the second half grips you with its unexpected twists.

Lovely Singh played by Salman is a lovable character who instantly connects with the audiences. Kareena Kapoor is brilliant as Divya, who is tired of having Salman Khan as her bodyguard. She plays with his emotions by confessing her love for Lovely and a humble being that he is, instantly believes her.

But whether or not the two eventually unite as a loving couple if something for you to find out. So grab your tickets right away to watch Salman all the way!

Ratings:Four cheers to this one!