Match fixing accused Nupur claims to have ‘dated’ Dilshan!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: There is a new twist in the latest match fixing scandal involving Bollywood starlet Nupur Mehta. Nupur, who had earlier denied having contact with players, made a shocking revelation that she has dated Sri Lankan cricketer Dilshan Tilakratne in the past.

Oblivious of the repercussions her statement can cause, Nupur went on delving more about her relationship with Dilshan whom she met during T20 World Cup 2009 in England.

According to the reports, during the T20 tournament she was put up at a hotel with a businessman who could have been a bookie.

“I was living at the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington around the time but I wasn`t sharing a room with anyone. I stayed at the hotel for a few days and paid my own bill at the rate of £500 per day. I have bills to prove my claim,` Nupur said.

“All I knew is that several cricketers were living in the same hotel but I did not know who they were. There was no way for me to know even if Sachin Tendulkar was living in the room next to mine,” she claimed.

Prodded more, Nupur categorically refused to take names. `I can mention Dilshan`s name because I was seeing him at the time. Why should I drag the names of other cricketers in the whole issue? I had just met them socially.”

She said, “What’s wrong in knowing a cricketer! That is my personal life and my relationship cannot be made the basis of such a big allegation. I am a single, attractive girl and have the liberty to move around in any part of the world and interact with whoever I want to.”

A few days ago, a London daily allegedly accused Nupur Mehta of being used by bookies to "lure" cricketers. The girl vehemently had refused all such claims by the tabloid and planned to even sue them for defaming her. Nupur seems evidently unafraid of being sued over the claim that she was dating Dilshan who also happens to be a married man.