MJ fans call for vault website shut down

Washington: Michael Jackson’s fans have sent a letter to the people behind JacksonSecretVault.com- calling for the site to stop the "exploitation of Michael Jackson, his grieving mother, his beloved children and his legacy."

The uproar followed the release of a song on JacksonSecretVault.com, which was first billed as a new song that had the blessing of Katherine Jackson but was later determined to be neither, reports TMZ.

The letter consists of a list of complaints and objections from the fans:

1. The exploitation of Michael’s elderly mother in the marketing, selling and merchandising from the Jackson Vault.

2. The use and brokering of Michael Jackson’s children to promote events, merchandise and interviews.

3. The use of the demeaning term, “Jacko” in the Jackson Vault website and press release. A degrading term that Michael himself, spoke openly against and thought was insulting.