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Iron Man is like James Bond: Marvel Studios head

Los Angeles: Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has compared Iron Man to James Bond and Batman saying there are many more stories to tell about Tony Stark in the film.

Feige praised actor Robert Downey Jr, adding that upcoming film `Iron Man 3` was heavily influenced by the events of `The Avengers`, reported MTV online.

"Robert Downey Jr gave his all to this performance. He left no stone unturned. So much of the journey of `Iron Man 3` is informed by Tony`s experiences in `The Avengers`," Feige said.

"It`s almost like post-traumatic stress: he really has retreated after the events of The Avengers into his workshop, where he`s building advanced versions of his suits. He has designed a version of the suit that can latch onto him in individual pieces... Anytime, anywhere," he added.

"Characters like James Bond and Batman, whose stories go on and on and on - I think Tony is one of those characters, where we go directly after Iron Man 3."