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Danny Cipriani`s ex-lover warns Kelly Brook

Los Angeles: Actress Kelly Brook has received a warning from boyfriend Danny Cipriani`s ex-partner Jasmine Waltz, that she will not be treated good by him for long.

According to Waltz, who hooked up with Cipriani for a night before he patched up with Brook again, the footballer has a tendency to treat women according to his mood, reports

"He is the least likely guy I know to have a proper relationship. I have experienced it first-hand. One minute he was crazy about me and then the next he was trying to hook up with other girls," Waltz said.

"I don`t know Kelly, but I would warn her that Danny is not the man to be with if she is looking for a long-term, committed partner," she added.

Waltz even went on to say that she feels sad for Brook.

"Kelly should know that in my eyes, Danny has no way of holding down a serious relationship. I feel sorry for Kelly and am pretty sure he is the kind of animal she cannot tame," she said.