After Rahul Gandhi's note ban charge, BJP highlights 'A to Z' scams of Congress

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra says Congress has no right to put down the nation-building process because it was at the helm of scams galore.

After Rahul Gandhi's note ban charge, BJP highlights 'A to Z' scams of Congress

New Delhi: Returning fire after a torrid press conference by Rahul Gandhi in which he - once again - flayed the Centre for demonetisation, BJP said Congress has no right to question the work being done for the economy because the party was at the helm of corruption when in power.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra led the counter for his party and questioned the right Congress feels it is entitled to to doubt demonetisation. "You have asked us what was achieved through demonetisation at a time when this government is trying to - successfully - formalise the economy," he said. "At a time when the economy is reaching new highs, Rahul Gandhi is unable to see the reality. And the reality also is that Congress was the A to Z of scams. A for Aadarsh Scam, B for Bofors Scam, C for CWG, D for Devas Antrix, E for Employee Guarantee Scheme Scam, F for Fodder Scam, G for Ghaziabad Provident Fund Scam, H for Harsha Mehta Stock Market Scam, I for IPL scam, J for Junior Banking Officer's Training Recruitment Scam, K for Ketan Parekh Market Scam, L for LIC Housing Scam, M for Madhu Koda Scam, N for Non-banking Financial Companies Scam, O for Oriental Banking Scam, P for Punjab State Council of Education Research and Training Scam, Q for Quest for Gold Scam, R for Ration Card Scam,  S for Satyam Scam, T for Telecom Scam, U for UTI Scam, V for Volkswagen Equity Scam, W for Westland Agusta Scam. X, Y and Z revelations won't be made in just one day."

Patra also questioned why the previous governments under Congress were unable to expand on the income tax net. He then took on the charge that the current government is working for the rich. "Can he name even 15 industrialists he is pointing fingers at who became rich after BJP came to power. Rahul needs to know that all of them were already wealthy before 2014," he said.

The BJP spokesperson next attempted to blunt the charge related to the allegedly inflated prices of procuring Rafale fighter jets. "If Rahul thinks that sitting on Rafale would launch his career, he needs to know it won't. He and Congress cannot even get a consensus on the amount of the deal," Patra said. "He lacks facts. You cannot use lies to build your political career. It won't work.